Phiphi and Chad

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How We Met

We met on an intramural softball team. I played in the outfield behind him. He let a ball go past him right to my feet. I never let him live it down.

How They Asked

We decided to go camping on Sunday because one of the first friends I made in Denver was moving. Kara and I left Friday morning to set up. I looked a MESS. We were hot and sweaty from putting up camp that when Kara suggested we put makeup on for a hike and photo shoot, I was NOT having it. She proceeded to put a full face on while convincing me. (This is after climbing trees to set up our tarp canopy under the sun) I complained the ENTIRE time but did it because she was leaving. By the time we were ready, our guys still have not arrived. Kara did everything for me not to check their location. She gave me updates and excuses as to why they were taking so long. We enjoyed the views and danced the day away. They finally showed up around 7 pm. (We arrived at 1 pm) I was less than ecstatic because they came too late and we got ready for nothing! When they arrived, they were STILL stalling.

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I was getting antsy because I wanted to get the night started by starting the campfire or dinner. The guys wanted to walk down to view the lake area. I kept telling them tomorrow but Kara told me they were trying to be romantic so we should suck it up. I was finally convinced but WE STILL WEREN’T LEAVING. Chad kept saying “let me finish this beer first.” In my head, I was like.. okay.. chug it. He proceeded to take 30 minutes to finish one beer..🙄By the time we started the hike, I was all for staying home because it was getting dark out but I wanted Kara and Seth to have their romantic moment.

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On the hike, we saw lights and I told Chad how we had lights at our site too! It was a dinky string with 10 lights😂Chad wanted to check it out which weirded me out because why would we walk through someone’s campsite? I cautiously walked down and 3 steps in I turned around and saw Kara recording. I looked back at Chad and locked eyes with him, reaffirming to me that yes this was our moment. I started ugly crying the entire way down the lit path. By the time we got to the spot, I was on the ground and Chad kept urging me to stand up. When I would stand, I would sink back down again. When he finally asked, I could barely get yes out!

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I have NO idea how he planned everything by Friday but I was so surprised!! I literally never understood what weak in the knees meant until that moment. Seriously feel like the luckiest girl on the planet!!

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Special Thanks

Tom DiBianca
 | Photographer