Amy and Tom | Philadelphia Marriage Proposal


How we met: Tom and I met August 1, 2008 at a bar! I had gone out with my girlfriends never expecting to meet someone that I knew right away could be ‘the one.’ I even told my girlfriend that night that ‘I think I might love him one day.’

Well I was right, I’ve spent the 5 1/2 years since then loving him!!!

how they asked: I knew I wanted to marry Tom for about, hmm 5 years!! We had started to talk more and more about getting engaged. Tom seemed to be ready! So for months I had many suspicions as to when it might happen! The weekend before he asked Tom had asked me to go for a picnic with him. He isn’t one to plan picnics- my response was ‘that sounds fun- its a good thing you asked me beforehand and didn’t surprise me or I would’ve thought you were going to ask me then.’ He laughed off my comment and said yeah I wouldn’t do that. Tom picked me up from work and we headed to Belmont Plateau in Fairmont Park. Tom seemed to be very worried about the weather. I was oblivious – I was not thinking this was happening! It was cloudy but beautiful otherwise.


Tom brought wine and snacks – we chatted a little and Tom asked me to get up so he could take my picture. As I walked back to him…. he asked! The best part was he had a friend and photographer there to capture the whole thing!