Phebe and Scott


How We Met

We met briefly in my home town just over 5 years ago while I was a physiotherapy student and Scott was a cyclist living there for training. A couple of weeks later Scott was racing in East Timor, where I was going with my university group for placement.

After 7 days of flirting and quite a few celebratory drinks on the last night, we kissed on the dancefloor of a Timorese night club. We ‘kept it casual’ for a few months and that turned into long distance for 18 months, then we finally ‘committed’ to each other and moved in together in Melbourne. We have since moved to the country and started an online business together ( and he is absolutely my best friend.

how they asked

Scott had convinced me that we had won a competition for a portaledge picnic at Mt Buffalo and as it was his birthday on the 11th of Dec and mine on the 15th, he suggested we do it for our birthdays. In hindsight I definitely should have been suspicious but I completely thought it was a great plan!


After some practice abseiling (which I was quite anxious about) we abseiled down onto the portaledge for a picnic dinner. I’m not overly scared of heights but I definitely didn’t feel relaxed! So after a beautiful dinner of local produce, Tim abseiled down with some glasses of ‘champagne’ (turns out they were apple cider as we weren’t allowed to have alcohol on the ledge!)


When he handed me ‘my glass’, well, you can see my reaction!!



Plus it turns out that Scott is the first person to propose during a portaledge picnic here (and this is the only place in Aus that they do this!) Pretty cool :D

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