Pharyn and Kaj

How We Met

Kaj and I met in the summer of 2015. We met through his roommate at the time, Joe, who had brought him over to my sister and my apartment to hang out for a little bit. However I had spoken to Kaj before I met him in person. At my Birthday party Joe was talking to me trying to set me up with all of his friends. He knew that I had a thing for tall guys so he asked what I thought of his roommate ( showing me pictures). I told him I thought he was very cute and that he should bring him around some time. Before I knew it Joe had phone Kaj and then handed me the phone to try and convince Kaj to come to the party. I tried as hard as I could but Kaj didn’t seem very interested in my birthday party haha. That was the only time I had said anything to him until he and Joe came to our apartment to say hi. When they were there Joe and my sister and I talked like normal, catching up on each other’s lives and talking about dating and all the fun college stuff.

Kaj however sat at the kitchen table pretty much silent through it all. We would occasionally say something to him and he would give us pretty short answers back. He came across as very mysterious and for me, a very curious person, I had to figure him out. That’s what started it all. I managed to get Joe to create a group text with the three of us and then used that to talk to them. Kaj once again never responded so I decided to text him individually. My first text to him was wishing him luck on one of his tests. I have never been so scared to text someone in my life. I didn’t want it to seem like I was chasing after him but I couldn’t help myself. I had to figure him out and if he wasn’t going to let me, I was going to force him. The first time we ever hung out together alone was when We went to buy him church clothes… on a Saturday at 9 pm…. church is at 9 am the next morning. It was supposed to be us and Joe but Joe bailed last minute. So we went to khols and at first it was pretty quiet but my nervous self kicked in and seemed to me that I didn’t stop talking.

It was this night that I realized how hard shopping would be for Kaj. Nothing seemed to work. The pants were either too high or too long or too wide. He was struggling but it was fun for me to walk around and find pants for him to go try on and then he’d have to come and show me what they looked like. After khols Kaj took me to his restaurant Zeeks. It was mainly for him to get some food but he offered if I wanted anything. It felt really cool to be standing in the back with him and his employees talking to us. After that night things pretty much moved like clock work. From then on we started texting and seeing each other a lot. I went over to hang out with “Kaj and Joe” almost everyday. And it always ended up being just me and Kaj hanging out together. He quickly became my best friend. It got to the point when it felt weird if we didn’t see each other that day. Well, weird for me anyway. Everybody told us to date but we avoided it and just stayed friends.

We occasionally had talked about what it would be like if we dated but it always ended up that we would stay friends. We kissed on two different occasions but still we were just friends, until Kaj finally got his head straight. His aunt told him he would kick himself if he didn’t date me and I guess that’s what started it. He asked me if he could take me on a date but because we had clarified the friendship so many times I told him I would have to think about it. I took three days to give him my answer, which was of course yes. The whole e started going on dates and it was really great. I loved being with him and I knew us dating was the right thing to do. It took him about a month to ask me to be his girlfriend which I think had a lot of help from his mom. I mean when you get called out in a car while she is on speakerphone, there’s not much more he can do but finally ask me.

I owe her for that one. So on April 17th after coming back from dinner at his aunts house he asked me to be his girlfriend. We started traveling together, going to his house to meet the family and then to GA to spend time with mine. The first time we went to his house is the first time we told each other I love you. I technically told him first but in a way that he would understand what I was saying without me actually saying those three words. And of course Kaj being Kaj did the same thing. And I really did not want to be the first one to say those really big three words. But I really think that we both knew how each other felt. From then on I had no problem telling him I loved him. He stumbled a little bit saying the words but I eventually got him used to it. We have definitely had our struggles and seen each other at our lowest points but understanding can only strengthen what we have. We worked past it all and now we are in an amazing place…. ( ENGAGED!!!!)

how they asked

Kaj and I have know we would be getting married for a little while now. We picked the ring out together and so I knew that it would happen, I just had no clue when he would do it. It all started when I was going to pick up the ring from the jewelers because Kaj would already be in Arizona with his family. However he and my sister and mom tricked me into thinking that it would be best if I leave it at the jewelers for Kaj to pick up when he gets home. Knowing that I completely put it out of my head that he would propose during the Christmas break. I didn’t even think more about it because I was trying to keep myself from getting too excited and wanting it to happen. I also didn’t want to think everyday that it would happen and get all dressed up for no reason. So I really had put it all out of my head and focused on my family in town instead. My brother was even in town so it was a big family gathering. We were visiting family in Logan for a couple of days.

My brother Luke and his wife had to leave early to get back to work, or so I thought. On the day that we left Logan to come back to Provo, my mom said that our family friend wanted to go out to dinner with us. I still haven’t thought about this proposal AT ALL! As we were getting ready for the dinner I wasn’t feeling all that great so I really didn’t put much effort into getting ready. I didn’t do my make up nicely and I wasn’t in the best outfit but it would work for a restaurant. I was wearing jeans and vans even though it was absolutely freezing outside because I figured we would just be sitting in the restaurant. So we start driving to the restaurant which was supposed to be at the Tree House, I knew that name but I couldn’t remember where it was or what it was so I wasn’t paying attention to where we were going or helping with directions. Before I knew it we had pulled into a parking lot that leads up the a hiking trail. As we drove in I saw Kaj’s car. I even said out loud that it looks like Kaj’s car.

But still not having proposal on the brain I just kept looking at the car trying to figure out if it was his or not. I could see that there were people in the car though so I didn’t want to stare too intensely. We ended up parking because my sister claimed to be lost and didn’t know where the restaurant was. They were talking about phoning the friend to get directions when my sister saw a trail covered in dark romantic rose petals. She told me to look and at that exact moment I knew what was really going on. I was frozen the minute I stepped out of the car but I was so beyond excited to see Kaj and hear his voice! He was still supposed to be in Arizona so it was all a huge surprise! Anyway I started walking up this trail and every couple of steps there was a mason jar with a candle and a little present. In each of those cute presents was a beautiful letter from each member of his family explaining to me why they would like me to be apart of their family. They were all so cute and sweet. At the end there was the one from Kaj.

He wrote me a letter and while reading it I was definitely crying. I have never felt more beautiful and wanted and loved in my life. As I looked up I was at the end of the trail but there were white lanterns in all of the trees and still more rose petals leading me to by handsome man. He was standing there in a forest with rose petals around him and lanterns and I couldn’t help but to run and hug him. I think I was smiling bigger than I had ever thought possible. We were both frozen solid but our adrenaline kept us going. He took me over to a Christmas tree that he had decorated with these beautiful hand made ornaments. Each ornament was a piece of wood with a picture of us on it from all of our adventures.

Image 1 of Pharyn and Kaj

He told me to get the last present from the tree. It was my ring box!!! But he tricked me because when I turned around he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. He said that I meant the world to him. I have never been happier than I was at that exact moment. Looking in his eyes I could see my own happiness and his were the brightest I had ever seen. Obviously I said yes, I may have said it before he even asked me the question. He then slid my immaculate ring on my frozen finger and I was dying inside. After the biggest moment of my life so far he told me to go and look at the ornaments while he sets something up. While I was looking at this amazing tree, he was setting up a projector.

Image 2 of Pharyn and Kaj

Yes this man brought a sheet, put it up in the trees, and was setting up a projector. There was also this beautiful table setting that we sat at and drank nice warm hot chocolate and had cheesecake while he played me a movie. This wasn’t just any movie though. It was a movie of our entire story. From friendship to road trips to dates to all of our adventures together. He pieces them together from point to point. Watching our story in front of my eyes of all those amazing times that we had together melted my heart in that freezing forest. I have never loved a movie so much. It had all of our favorite songs and all of my favorite moments with my favorite man since day one. I was definitely crying at this point. He is my all, my everything. He is the only person I would want by my side for the rest of my life. And I get to spend eternity with him! His proposal was so extremely thoughtful and romantic. He himself is so thoughtful all the time and I am so so lucky to call this amazing man my fiancé!

Image 3 of Pharyn and Kaj

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