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How We Met

Jack and I met in our high school statistics class. We had always had mutual friends, but never had a friendship of our own. This all changed on that fateful day when he walked into that classroom the first day of our Senior year and chose a seat directly in front of me.

We spent that semester constantly in trouble, as Jack spent most of his time turned around whispering across to my desk. I always thought he was so handsome, but considered him a pipe dream. Turns out he felt the same way :)

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Flash forward to second semester; neither of us had any classes together, so we naturally grew apart…until our Senior Year Prom. Like I had mentioned, we had a group of mutual friends. This group decided it would be fun to all go to prom with each other as friends, so the boys asked the girls in adorable ways (I got asked through a Taylor Swift song that was retitled on an iPod “Will You Go to Prom with Me?”), but no, Jack is not the one who asked me. We both went with friends and had a great time all together tearing up the dance floor, taking silly photos, owning the night and feeling infinitely invisible.

However, as fate would have it, Jack’s Prom Date fell asleep at our table that night (she’d been up all night writing her senior paper), so when it came time to move the group over to our friend’s house for the after prom sleepover, Jack and I spent the first part of the night talking. And then the second part of the night, and then the rest of the night. We spent all night whispering about ourselves, our life dreams and our life fears. And well…here we are :)

how they asked

It was June 6th and it was the first day of a full Dingle family vacation and we were all headed up to the family Maine house. We are all very rarely in the same place at the same time, so this week was already going to be amazing. I was extra excited because my Mom and I had been texting and scheming about decorating the barn for Jack’s birthday. There would be a cake, his favorite drinks, streamers, the whole birthday sha-bang!

My whole immediate family (Mom, Dad, my 2 younger brothers) plus my grandmother were there, so Jack was going to have a great birthday celebration! When we got there, the plan was for me and my brother to slide open the barn doors, revealing the birthday-decorated barn. I had my camera out and everything to capture his face.

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Except when my brother and I slid open the barn doors, Jack didn’t seem surprised…and when I looked at the barn, it was quite overly romantic for a 25 year old man’s birthday….and then it hit me…

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The tears started flowing, the adrenaline was pumping and I just lost it.

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My family was around me, I was engaged to the love of my life.

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I was on cloud 10! (above 9).

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And then my mom goes to pop the champagne and we realize there are glasses, but no champagne to pop. She then proceeds to clap her hands twice, and I hear footsteps from the barn loft….and then there come my best friends walking down the stairs holding the champagne, ready to celebrate with me on this incredibly magical amazing day.

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It was the Best.Day.Ever.

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Thankfully there is footage because I definitely was so overly emotional to remember it all!

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