Peyton and Joshua

How We Met

Josh and I met the summer before my freshman year of college. On June 11th, 2009, we went on our very first date to see the Disney Pixar movie UP! We talked through the entire movie (sorry other movie goers) and instantly, we both fell in love. We spent two years making countless memories on trips to Disneyland, Disney World, Indiana, Iowa, and Kansas-along with our Colorado adventures!

Peyton's Proposal in Disneyland

As beautiful as young love is, sometimes the timing isn’t right, and life temporarily sent us in different directions, neither of us ever forgetting the other, the memories, or the true love we continued to feel for one another. Thankfully last year, timing caught up to our love and was finally perfect, bringing us back together where we both knew we belonged!

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Disneyland

how they asked

Josh and I planned a super magical trip to Disneyland for the holiday season. We were already so excited to be fulfilling our lifelong dream of touring the Walt Disney Studios, however, I had no clue that the most amazing part of the trip would actually be his surprise proposal!

Then came that magical day…after wrapping up watching the 3 o’clock parade on Main Street at Disneyland, we went to pose for photos in front of Sleeping Beauty’s castle. Joshua got down on one knee in front of what must have been a million people (have you seen Disney crowds lately?) and told me that I am his best friend, soulmate, adventure buddy, love of his life, happily ever after, and asked me to be my wife. I immediately began to cry and said “YES!!!!!”

Proposal Ideas Disneyland

It was absolutely perfect! The crowd began to cheer and everyone’s camera phone was pointed in our direction. It’s so crazy that even though we were surrounded by a crowd of people, it felt like in that moment, we were the only people there.

Josh is truly the most amazingly incredible man there is and he did everything he could to make sure this was the first of an infinite amount of magical moments to come. Cheers to happily ever after!