Peyton and Josh

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How We Met

Josh and I met by chance when someone dropped out of a snowboarding trip I was going on and he was asked to go last minute. We went to the same high school and yet we never once crossed paths, so we had no idea who each other were at first. Before even meeting each other he mooned me from the other car, so I knew things were going to be exciting with this boy! We really hit it off (I think) on the trip and naturally got along really well and joked with each other. A couple months go by and we meet again at a bonfire. We immediately reconnected and started talking to each other. Josh even got up the courage to give me his senior grad announcement, AND his snapchat! After that not much really happened between us until the next weekend bonfire came around and we really got to talking and even flirting. Later that week or soon after I asked Josh if he wanted to go to a movie when some friends bailed on me last minute. So that’s when we truly started hanging out and really getting to know each other. One night while we were hanging out, my not so great hearing lead to us starting to date when I misheard him and thought he was talking about dating.

how they asked

Josh and I love to hike and camp, and we try to spend our summers camping in national parks,so when he asked me to go camping with him it was totally normal. He told me he had found a really cool spot up in the Sawtooth mountains near a lake. So we packed or backpacks and drove a couple hours from home, to the trailhead. This little (5 mile) hike… which took about three hours to do with our packs and 6mo puppy, took us into the rugged beauty of the mountains. When we reached the clearing at the edge of the lake we were taken aback at how breath taking the view was. The beautiful mountain lake was framed by a forest of pines and huge rugged mountains. I stood gawking at the beauty and making random little comments about how clear the water was as Josh waiting patiently behind me to turn around. When I finally turned around I was even more speechless to find my best friend on his knee holding the most beautiful ring. As I started crying Josh told me how much he loved me and that he couldn’t ask for a better adventure partner to spend the rest of his life with.

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