Peyton and Isaac

how we met

Oh gosh. Are we allowed to lie for this one?? Sometimes we tell people we met at the gym. While I KNOW we had crossed paths before, and I definitely recognized him from our college gym (practically a second home to both of us), that isn’t exactly where we met. Like many millennial couples, we began our love story on the beloved dating app – tinder. After two dates, one of us may or may not have ghosted the other. BUT, a few months later, he was still in school, and I had the urge to visit my former home, and, sure enough, we locked eyes across deadlift platforms (cue the romance). A slightly awkward hello, a quick text, and the rest is history.

how they asked

Remember the pier at the seafood restaurant in Wilmington? The one where I realized I loved him for the first time? While I didn’t say it then, I later let Isaac know how I felt in that moment, how I thought he would say “I love you” for the first time, how I so badly wanted to say it myself but was afraid to get rejected. And he didn’t forget it. Isaac and I decided that before he moved to Florida for flight school, we would get married. At the time, that was about five months away. The pressure was on. We had a time frame. Not sure if that made it better or worse. Every time we had a chance to be together, I half expected him to drop on one knee and pop the question. It didn’t happen. I started doubting myself. Maybe he wanted to wait? Maybe he wasn’t sure? He insisted he just didn’t want to rush things. But I was essentially putting my life on hold for this man! I had told my boss I’d be moving in June. What was Isaac waiting for??Then, we planned a trip. To Wilmington. The weekend before he had to leave for flight school. Talk about last minute. But I didn’t fight it.The day we got to Wilmy, Isaac was calling the shots. He said we’d go to Oceanic for dinner. He told me to wear something nice. But he wouldn’t tell me what time we were leaving. I could tell something was up. Let’s be honest. I knew what was about to happen. However, the details were very unclear. We stood around for what felt like at least an hour after getting ready, and all he was doing was playing on his phone. I kept trying to leave, but he kept telling me to wait. Finally, we headed over. He called the restaurant because they had told us they don’t take reservations but accepted call-ahead seating. Apparently, whoever told us this before was mistaken. Isaac was freaking out, but I didn’t even notice. Once we got there, they were able to seat us right away. As soon as we sat down, I suggested we order sangria. Typically, Isaac is the responsible one and opts our of alcohol if we have a drive ahead of us. But that day, he was all for it. The waitress barely had a chance to greet us when he was already ordering a full pitcher. Hmm.The meals arrived shortly after, and we were extremely content. Fat and happy. That’s what it’s all about. But things got weird again. Isaac kept texting, which he doesn’t usually do when we’re on nice dates like that. He knows I get annoyed. I looked around, expecting to see his buddy (who was also in Wilmington that weekend) lurking in the corner with shades on, waiting for Isaac to come over to pick up the ring or something. No sign of him anywhere. All of a sudden, Isaac got up and said he had to use the restroom. Okay, I know what’s going on. Right? Maybe. When he got back, we both just started giggling. We couldn’t help it. We’re just giggly people. And we both knew what was about to happen. We couldn’t help but exchange big, goofy smiles across the table. We asked for the check and, of course, headed to the pier. But there was a hurdle along the way. Since Hurricane Florence, Oceanic’s pier had been closed off. They had done a complete remodel after the damage. The manager had to let us through. Since I knew he was about to propose, I was a little uncomfortable. I didn’t want her standing there when it happened. We walked a little further. No one else was anywhere in sight. At that exact time, it felt as if we were the only people around. Isaac asked me if I remembered what I told him about this place. Obviously, I did. He got down on one knee. And I blacked out. Just a little. Seconds later, he got up, I was kissing him, and I peer over my shoulder to see a woman next to the manager, across the pier, taking a photo of us. I thought it was odd that someone just happened to have a professional camera at that very moment. But then she rushed over to use like she knew us. I was completely out of it. I mean, my boyfriend just became my fiancé. The man I was completely in love with asked me to spend the rest of his life with me. It wasn’t just the sangria making me feel intoxicated. It turned out the woman with the camera was the photographer Isaac hired. She was also the reason Isaac was glued to his phone the entire night. I was shocked. I never would have guessed my frugal fiancé would pay someone to document our special moment, but I’m so glad he did. Let the giggles, the happy cries, and the ear to ear smiles commence.

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