Peyton and Camden

How We Met

Camden and I met when we were 12 and 14 at our church, Coastline. Camden was brought to Coastline by his friend and we both became involved with the new youth group there. We were not close friends in the beginning but usually hung out together with other people from the church youth group. Then, when Camden was 15 his family moved to Virginia and all I really noticed was that Camden just wasn’t there when the church group hung out.

Peyton's Proposal in Tustin, CA

Peyton and Camden's Engagement in Tustin, CA

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Camden’s family moved back to California in 2014, the summer before my freshman year and Camden’s junior year. Things went back to the usual, where Camden and I just hung out with groups of people but were never closer than that. Around November, Camden and I started talking more on our own. He ended up coming to my dance show I had in December with a card and sunflower seeds–– he had a cute metaphor about how flowers just die but seeds keep on growing. Soon after the dance show one of my friends asked me who I was going to ask to winter formal. She wanted me to ask another guy in our friend group, but I told her I wanted to ask Camden. So, I asked Camden to formal before we went ice skating with our youth group on December 20th, 2014. We eventually decided this was the day we started dating, and Camden was my formal date every single year of high school! (Ask him how many high school dances he’s been to–– it’s a lot.) We dated all through high school and into college.

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How They Asked

After about four and a half years of dating, Camden planned a day for us to celebrate him finishing his summer internship and the last weekend of summer. We both went to prayer at our church that morning and after my roommate did my makeup “for her business.” Camden picked me up and took me to Chick-fil-A for lunch, then to Costco to get a membership (because Costco gas is so cheap!). After Costco, Camden drove me up to my favorite boutique/coffee shop in Orange County. We go there often, so it wasn’t super unusual when I realized that’s where we were going. Once we got there I tried some clothes on and bought a couple of things. Then, we headed over to buy a drink from the cafe that was at the back of the store.

Camden asked if we could take a picture together, but because there were so many people at the cafe I wanted to just get my drink and go. Well, once I saw Camden’s brother run-in with a camera I knew I wouldn’t be avoiding the attention from the crowd. Camden proposed to me right there in the store! After saying “YES!” I still got my drink from the cafe and we took pictures in downtown Tustin. Camden drove us back down to Carlsbad and we went to dinner at one of our favorite spots. It doesn’t end there, I was surprised again by an engagement party with all our friends and family once we got back to Camden’s house. We are so so excited to be continuing our love story and getting married next year!!

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