Peyton and Ben

How We Met

Ben and I met our second year of college at West Chester University of Pennsylvania. I had just moved off campus with some friends, and Ben had just transferred from a different school. My roommates and I invited some friends over for a party to kick off the school year and christen our new house! Ben came with some friends of friends and we clicked right off the bat. We were both history majors and talked about the classes we were taking that semester. He asked our mutual friends about me when they left.

Peyton's Proposal in Hilton Head, South Carolina

Unfortunately, at the time they had to inform him I had a boyfriend. Nevertheless, he told his friend, “I’m going to kiss that girl one day.” I remember seeing him around campus wondering ‘should I say hi?’ ‘Will he remember me?’ Along with the occasional thought, ‘What if that’s the guy I’m supposed to be with?’ Sure enough, a year and a half later I was single and Ben and I started to date casually. A few months later Ben took me to a Philadelphia Phillies game and gave me a baseball that said ‘will you be my girlfriend?’

Peyton and Ben's Engagement in Hilton Head, South Carolina

how they asked

Ben and I started dating on June 15th, 2014. After asking me to be his girlfriend in epic fashion (writing it on a baseball at a Phillies game) we spent the next few weeks inseparable. He even asked me to go to the beach with his family the week after the Fourth of July. We were in Hilton Head, South Carolina when we both realized: this was the real thing. We watched the sunrise on the beach one morning and that’s where we first said, “I love you.”

As fate would have it, his family decided to go back to the same spot in Hilton Head for vacation in July of 2017. Our first day there Ben suggested we go have a drink on the beach. Right in the same spot he first told me he loved me, he confessed to loving me more every day since and asked me to marry him. I was so happy and surprised (and of course said YES!)!