Peyton and Alex's SuperMegaDateDay Proposal

How We Met: Alex and I met when I transferred schools in seventh grade. I met him on the very first day of seventh grade- he was in ninth grade. At the time he liked my best friend. I didn’t ever think anything of him, but we quickly became best friends. By the time I was entering ninth grade, Alex no longer liked my best friend, but he had started to like me. I still didn’t think of him as anything more than my best friend. Through all of the ups and downs of the next years of our friendship, Alex never stopped liking or pursuing me for a full three years. My junior year in high school I developed feelings for him and we began our relationship, shortly after him asking my fathers permission to date me.

how they asked: Since Alex and I started dating three years ago, we have had a tradition of “supermegadatedays”. These are dates that last an entire day, with multiple events, and everything is a surprise. I find out each event as we are en route to it. Each year we make time to have three or four supermegadatedays- Valentines Day, Summer, our anniversary, and Christmas. This was a supermegadateday like any other- On October 19- celebrating our three year anniversary (a few days early). We started Sunday morning going to Starbucks (our favorite!), sitting and talking over coffee. After we finished at Starbucks we headed to church. Once church let out we went and got a delicious brunch at Croquette. we had never been there before, but it quickly became a favorite after eating there! After that we went to the NC State Fair and spent about three hours enjoying that- riding rides, walking around, and eating food. Once we were done there we came back and he told me our evening plans were really nice, so I was going to need to dress up. I went back to where I live, freshened up, and dressed nicely. After having my roommate snap some pictures of Alex and myself, we went to dinner. Dinner was at a sushi restaurant I have been wanting to try. Once we left dinner, Alex told me he wanted us to go exchange gifts now before our nighttime activity. We went out to Lake Johnson and sat on the pier in some rocking chairs to take in the sunset while opening presents. Alex opened mine first- which I was glad about because I got him pajama pants and socks. Then he handed me his and it was a piece of burlap with a note. I opened the note and it said “pull the rope”. I noticed a rope stringing down the side of the pier we were on attached to something. I walked over to the rope, pulled it, and down fell a giant banner. The banner was filled with fifty pictures of Alex and myself over the past seven years of knowing each other and in the center there was a shirt reading “WATSON EST. 2015” I turned around and Alex was on one knee and told me he has been lying all along. He cannot wait another year to marry me, but wants to marry me in JUNE! He opened the box revealing a gorgeous diamond ring. I said yes!

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Then I noticed the photographers who have been snapping pictures of everything happening along with the videographer. We posed for some more pictures as the sun was setting and just took in the fact we were actually engaged!

After that we went to Cheesecake factory and our families were there with each of our closest friends to celebrate the night. It was the best day of my life!

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