Petra and Josip

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Croatian Centre - The Queen of Peace

How We Met

Josip and I met July 4, 2015, at a Croatian Catholic Youth event. My friends and I always joked around that we would love to meet a guy here but I never actually thought I would. We were split into groups to do activities and we happened to be in the same group.I honestly thought he was weird, with his shirt around his neck, backward baseball cap and French accent (as he’s from Montreal, which I now love).

He always said he thought I was so beautiful and really wanted to let me know but as the last day of the retreat came to an end, I left early to go to Starbucks and he never got a chance to tell me. Couple months later he added me on facebook and instagram and I told my friends right away “I bet he’ll message me”… and that’s exactly what he did!

Proposal Ideas Croatian Centre - The Queen of Peace

We started texting and talked every day. After about a month I told my friends “I’m gonna marry this guy”. My mental checklist was all checked off and I could not wait to see him. We were both worried about getting into a relationship as we lived 600km away from each other but on January 15, 2016 he asked me to be his girlfriend and that’s where our love story began.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Croatian Centre - The Queen of Peace

how they asked

Hiding anything from me is almost impossible so I’m surprised he was able to do this. I knew we would be engaged soon as my parents were getting ready for the engagement party and we picked out a ring but how and when was a complete surprise. We were on our way to the event where we first met but had to do a detour to “pick up something for my mom” (totally made up story). This day also falls on Josip’s birthday and my name day (St. Peter’s day).

I parked at the church where we met, where the event was held in 2015 and Josip started handing me pink boxes with gold flakes and a pineapple on it (pink and gold are my favorite colors and pineapples are our inside joke because we wore matching shirts with small pineapples on them when we were in New York and everywhere we went people shouted “nice pineapples). I opened each box and it was filled with chocolate.

I then got a book from him filled with pictures from us and our favourite memories; as we were walking towards the church, I came to the last page and it said “that time I proposed to you”, I look down and there he is, on one knee, I don’t know what he said because I was crying way too much.

After I composed myself a little I asked if I even said yes, he said I said “I love you” I guess that’s close enough? It was definitely a YES! Our engagement was later mentioned during mass, guest speakers and the priest who knows us both and organized the first Croatian Catholic gathering. I wanted a cheesy, romantic and meaningful proposal which is exactly what I got.

The night of our engagement party, after I brought out Josip’s birthday cake. His best friend started playing “Perfect” by Ed Sheeran and Josip began singing it, the rest of the guests joined in and I cried, again. He said he was learning to play the guitar because he wanted to be the one to play it and sing but he wasn’t too good so his best friend played it. This weekend and his birthday are even more meaningful now. I am overjoyed I get to spend the rest of my life with him and can’t wait to see where the journey takes us.

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