Petra and Jens

How We Met

I knew that I wanted to organise a romantic proposal for my girlfriend, Petra, whilst on holiday in London. However, because I am from Germany I needed a little assistance with the logistics and got in contact with The Proposers, a bespoke proposal planning company,  to help me organise the perfect proposal.

how they asked

Petra absolutely loves theatre shows, so, along with The Proposers, we came up with the idea of proposing during a tour of the West End Musicals!


Petra’s favourite songs are Elton John’s, ‘Can you feel the love tonight’, from the Lion King and Phil Collins’ You’ll be in my heart from Tarzan, which we knew had to be incorporated into the proposal in some way too.

Together we decided that we should hire a German-speaking West End actor to pretend to be a tour guide, who would take Petra and I around the West End theatres, whilst telling us interesting facts about the shows. The proposal would then finish with us being serenaded with Petra’s favourite songs in a beautiful park.


On the day of the proposal The Proposers arranged for the ‘tour guide’ to meet us at the first theatre, where he then took us on a musical tour. They had given the guide an umbrella to carry around with him, (you’ll see why later!), and asked him to make it obvious whilst talking to us about the shows.

Whilst we were on the tour, the four other West End singers I had hired were waiting patiently in the park for us to arrive. The Proposers made sure that they were dotted around the park on benches to make it seem like they were strangers. That way it would be more of a surprise for Petra when they all began to sing together.

After an hours tour of the West End, our guide led us into the beautiful park near The Thames river by pretending that we needed to walk through it to reach the final theatre. As we walked along one of the musicians began to play, ‘Can you feel the love tonight’, on his guitar.


Petra was shocked to hear him playing her favourite song so we stopped to listen, As we did, one by one the three other singers came over to join the guitarist and they began to sing their parts of the song too. As the first song came to an end the musicians began to sing a second song, ‘You’ll be in my heart’. Petra was even more shocked when the tour guide then joined in! Although she was slightly confused, she carried on watching him perform and even joined in herself!


At the end of the song the tour guide opened up the umbrella that he had been carrying around all day, which had the words, ‘Marry Me’, written on it in buttons!

As Petra began to cry with happiness, got down on one knee and asked her to be my wife.


To my relief, and extreme happiness, she said, ‘Yes!’


It was a great day and one that I will cherish forever.

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