Peter and Kiersten

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How We Met

We first met through working together five years ago. It was an obvious match, but both of us were too nervous to make that first move, which meant we were friends for over a year before finally deciding to take the leap!

how they asked

I love travelling and over the years I had dragged Peter on many overseas adventures, always fascinated with the world and the people in it. We always shared many happy memories travelling, eating, learning and meeting different people from all over the world. As the years passed, and our careers became more serious, we decided it was time to slow our travelling down. A few months before the proposal, however, Peter announced that he was taking us on a trip to Japan – a country neither of us had yet visited. At first I was skeptical, but eventually resolved in the fact that he had (finally) caught the travel bug as much as I. Several days after arriving in Japan, Peter took us to a Japanese garden. It was the most perfect Autumn day (my favourite of all seasons), the leaves were falling around us and a musician playing in the background when Peter dropped to one knee. That night we drank sake and celebrated with non-englishing speaking locals, who nevertheless soaked in our happiness, dancing and cheering with us all night long. It was the perfect combination of my favourite things: autumn and travel, and I’m so grateful I have someone who would fly us half way across the world to propose!

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