Persia and Darab

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How We Met: Growing up, I actually went to high school with Darab. He was my cousin’s best friend, but we didn’t actually start dating until he lived with my brother in San Francisco back in 2009.

We had a brief secret romance where I swept him off his feet. ;) After we knew things were getting serious we decided take my brother and my cousin on a mini-vacation to Las Vegas which is where we decided to break the news to them.

how they asked: Darab was texting and calling my mom more than usual, so I did some snooping and found out he had purchased a ring.

He was away at medical school and he was very adamant on going on a vacation for my “birthday” and he wanted me to plan the entire trip. I told him “you’d better not be making me plan my own proposal.” Until this day, he claims that he had me plan the trip, because it would have set off multiple red flags if he all of a sudden decided to do that.

He came home for thanksgiving and he had a few opportunities to propose but he didn’t. So I didn’t think he was going to. Darab was leaving the next day and he wanted to go to LA to get brunch. He took me to theSanta Monica Pier, where there is a carnival atmosphere with rides, games, and some amazing. The entire time I wanted to go take pictures and he said we would get to the pictures before we left.

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It was finally time to leave so we headed to the photo booth. The counted 1-2-3 and right before the flash he held up a photo strip he had been hiding in his pocket that said “will you marry me?”

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It was great timing, and truly magical. We drove back to my house afterwards, where he had secretly invited both of our families to surprise me and celebrate. It was the best day ever.

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Persia and Darab e.Session from Impressive Creations Cinema on Vimeo.