Allison and John Vincent's Perfect Proposal at the Brooklyn Bridge

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How We Met

Allison and I first met at church over a year ago. At the risk of sounding cheesy, it was love at first sight. During the post-service coffee hour, our eyes met across the room and I was instantly drawn to her warm eyes and bright, inviting smile. I introduced myself and after discovering her being new to the city, introduced her to other friends and invited her to an upcoming fun event. There aren’t many moments when God moves so clearly in your heart, and after meeting Allison, I had a feeling I had just met someone very important in my life. I was so moved that I boldly sent a text message to a friend saying, “I just met my future wife!”.

how they asked

After deciding on proposing to Allison at the same place where we shared our first kiss — the Brooklyn Bridge Park — I recruited the help of my good friend who is an amazing photographer to hide nearby to take some photos. A week before I planned on proposing, he and I scoped out the place, trying to see when to get the best light around sunset. We noticed there were a lot of people walking around which made it difficult to secure a clear vantage point and shot for him. Luckily after walking around some more, we discovered an amazing view from the Brooklyn Bridge Promenade near the famous Jane’s Carousel which had less traffic and an amazing view of the NYC skyline.

After deciding the date to propose, I rounded up some close friends to surprise her after the proposal and asked knowing it was wuch short notice. A couple of days before the proposal, I asked our friend to take her our to get their nails done under the guise that her friend’s mother had given her a gift certificate for two nail treatments.

Being all set to propose on Friday, July 1st, an impending thunder storm warning loomed over the 5-day weather forecast. Optimistic, I stayed the course being ready to take on any challenge if it presented itself. Little did I know, come Friday, I was met with a tornado warning. I invited Allison out saying we had to go to a work event. Because of the torrential downpour, the place I reserved for our friends to gather had to close early because it was completely outdoors. Luckily, the rain also cleared out the people at a nearby bar with a canopy where they were able to relocate. Now, to propose to the love of my life with this crazy rain. Friends had encouraged me earlier that day, saying how excited they were and that no matter how I propose, it’ll be perfect.

When the time came, I received word from my friend/photographer who was waiting in the designated spot that his camera had gotten wet and would not turn on again. At that point, I started to reconsider proposing to her that night altogether wanting this unique moment to be perfect. But again, at the encouragement of friends who had come out in the terrible weather for us, I stuck to the plan. I asked my friend if he can take photos with his phone and while he said they wouldn’t be great, agreed. As I am walking to meet Allison, the rain starts to let out. I see a man walking in front of me, one arm holding a tripod, the other holding a gigantic camera. I called out to him, introduced myself, explained the situation to him briefly, and asked if he could do me the favor of meeting my friend to capture the moment of me proposing in a couple of minutes. He agreed! Being a tourist from Hong Kong, he didn’t know where to go so I showed him the map and called my friend to expect this kind stranger.

Finally, I pick up Allison and we start walking over to the Brooklyn Bridge Park.

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As we approach the spot where I was going to propose, I finally started to come clean saying there was no work party. I asked her if this spot looks familiar and she said, “Of course, this is where we had our first kiss!”.

By then, it was starting to hit her. As I got down on one knee, the look of shock on her face as she started to realize that this was happening was priceless.
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I told her how much I loved her and every day since we met has been a realization of the truth I wanted to spend the rest of my life with her. She gasped when I opened the ring box and saw the ring she had dreamt of (thank you, Pinterest board). It was a marvelous moment and a great reveal when I explained to her what happened with our new friend.

The cherry on top was the group of friends waiting for us nearby to celebrate with champagne and congratulatory exclamation. The smile on Allison’s face brought me back to that first moment I first laid eyes on her, ecstatic at the thought she has agreed to be my wife.

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Special Thanks

Topher Barnett
 | Photography