Percy and Jacky

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How we met

So I had just started working at the ambulance company and it was going to be one of my first shifts. I was anxious because I didn’t know who my Tuesday partner was going to be. I asked a few people if Percy was a nice guy. Everyone kept saying how great and nice he was. I felt a little more at ease but was still nervous to meet my partner. So moment of truth…I have my back turned and he says, “Hey, I’m Percy. I think you’re my partner.” I respond by saying, “Hi! I’m Jacky, it’s nice to meet you! I believe I am your partner.”

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Then we got in the ambulance to set everything up and make sure we were good to go for our shift. We literally talked the entire 10 hours. Honestly, it was an instant connection. We talked about everything and anything. That same day we met, Percy asked me if I had seen the new Batman movie. I said that I hadn’t. So then that leads to him asking me out on a date. We have been inseparable ever since the first day we met at work.

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how they asked

We dated for about 2 years before Percy deployed. While Percy was oversees serving our country, we talked a lot about marriage and our future together upon him returning. It was obvious we were meant to be. Our bond grew deeper and stronger everyday. Percy and my sister Evy had been talking about how to plan the perfect proposal. They thought of a few ideas but then decided on Mexico when our families would all be all together in paradise. After Evy’s destination wedding, she was trashing her dress in the pool. Fulfilling my maid of honor duties, I had to help her out along with her new husband.

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While I was helping Evy out of the pool, everyone formed all around us while Percy got down on one knee. Little did I know that as I would turn around, I would be saying “YES!” to my forever and always.

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