Penny and Kalvin

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how we met

Penny: I was walking home from school with my cousin. We were laughing, talking, minding our business when two guys in a really loud, and bright red colored mustang drove up and stopped beside us. Right off I could tell he was trying to show off; I mean we are talking about Kalvin here! He initiated conversation with us both and eventually came to ask for my phone number. I was kid of reluctant. I thought guys like this were nothing but trouble. I hesitated a little too long I guess because the next thing I knew my cousin was insisting I give this guy my number. I won’t deny he was really cute, in a 6’4″, lanky kind of way. I decided to give him my number anyway, and from there I guess you can say the rest is history.

I remember one of the first conversations Kalvin and I had sitting on the wall outside of my house. At such a young age he captivated me with his passion for God and family. He had me very intrigued after this conversation. These are the reasons I continue to love this man so much!

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Kalvin: Everyone who knows me can tell you that I am quite the car lover. When I was younger I loved to show off. Ok, maybe I still do, but that’s beside the point. One day I was rolling with my home boy on the way to play basketball. At that time one of the cars I owned was a strawberry red, drop-top, Mustang GT. Now this car had loud exhaust, 20″ spinning rims, and Lamborghini doors. So I thought I was the coolest guy in town! We’d just left my house cruising with the top down, music loud, and clean rims.

We came to a stop sign and my eyes became fixed on this girl crossing the street. She was a legit high school geek, books in hand, glasses on, walking home with her cousin. SHE WAS GORGEOUS! Tall, caramel skin, pretty smile, shy girl. So being me, I went into show off mode! I turned the music louder, revved the pipes on my Mustang, and pulled beside the ladies. I was hoping when I stopped my rims would get her attention, but MAN was I wrong! When I pulled up her facial expression said, “If this fool don’t get away from me!”. I mean a legit STANK FACE!

So yea, the nice car groupie tactic didn’t work. Thank God for her cousin. She did a double take, looked at Penny and said “GIIIIIIRL, If you don’t give this tall, outwardly impressive man your phone number I WILL!”. Given the peer pressure she reluctantly gave me her number, and from then on it’s been a bunch of years of me getting on her nerves, getting yelled at, etc (you guys know how that goes). Up until now. I’ve tricked her into keeping me, lol!

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how they asked

The day of our engagement took me by complete surprise! Breakfast with my friends turned into a full day scavenger hunt leading to complete pampering from head to toe. The last clue this handsome guy picked me up with a dress, heels, and flowers and carried me away to a helicopter ride. From there we went home where he got on one knee in front of our friends after watching a beautiful slideshow telling the story of our relationship over the years.

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How could a girl say no to that? The tears wouldn’t stop flowing, but it didn’t stop there! After all of the tears stopped flowing he had a BOX of “She said yes” gifts. What was inside the box BLEW MY MIND! All of the things on my “want list” that I had been talking to him about over the last few months were right there in front of me!

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A new purse, a Fit Bit, a trip to Puerto Rico, favorite wedding venue already reserved, AND A BRAND NEW MINI COOPER, MY DREAM CAR! How did he pull this off without me knowing? Not only is he thoughtful and caring, he is a man who strives to be better everyday, and pushes me to do the same. Is he the one? ABSOLUTELY! Does he make me happier than I ever imagined I could be? ABSOLUTELY! Am I excited to start this new chapter of marriage in my life as Mrs. Verner? ABSOLUTELY!

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