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How We Met

It was the 4th of July 2016 and I was extremely sick with a cold. What most people don’t know is that it’s my second favorite holiday of all time,so I was not letting any cold keep me from going out! I do the same thing every year, I go to Newport Beach with my friends and we bar/house hop all over the Peninsula. I met my girls at a friends house and we decided we were going to adventure all over Newport and meet new people. We walked around the beach all day long making new friends and eating pizza! Around 8 PM we finally decided to settle at one of our favorite local bars(Stag Bar) for some drinks and dancing. We walked into the bar and there he was standing across the bar in a red shirt looking like Superman (literally). I elbowed my best friend Torey and just pointed at him like the biggest nerd of all time. She smiled and knew what to do (She is the best wing woman on the planet earth). As we are approaching him we realize he is approached by a friend and decide to back off…for now. Throughout the night we notice that him and his friend are still chatting so we decide to leave them to it. Slightly bummed by the lack of courage I had Torey and I leave the bar to go watch the fire works…..Fast forward to an hour or so later we decide we are going to go back to the bar and meet up with some other friends there/see if the hot guy in the red shirt was still there. Once we walk in we were disappointed to see him still talking to the friend from earlier. At that point I had given up on meeting the Clark Kent look alike and was just trying to enjoy my time with my friends. Suddenly Torey comes running up to me to tell me that the guy in the red shirt was heading to the bar and we needed to go say hi! I was immediately not down for this plan because I figured this friend he’s been talking to ALL NIGHT is really his girlfriend. Torey looks at me and say “I don’t think she is let’s go” grabs my arm and legitimatly drags me across the bar and puts me right next to him. I immediately turn bright red and mouth to her “omg no stop”! She keeps laughing and smiling and “gently” pushes me into him. I turn to her and give her the “I hate you” stare then proceed to apologize for almost knocking him over. He says not to worry, turns toward me and extends his hand and says hi I’m Jake! The rest of the night we talked about sports, what we played and who our teams were. I found out later that that friend was in fact a friend from the past and the rest is history.

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how they asked

It was a Thursday and I had a busy work day planned. I knew I had a lot to get done so I could leave work at 5 and head to the beach to celebrate Jake’s dad’s birthday. Jake’s mom planned a small cheese and wine picnic before dinner that I didn’t want to miss. 5 pm approaches and I head out to go home and get ready for the birthday festivities. Jake waits downstairs while I get ready (I naturally take longer than expected) and we leave the house and head toward Salt Creek Beach, the beach I grew up going to. Salt Creek is notorious for the giant hill that you have to go down to get to the beach, so once we went through the tunnel we started heading down the huge hill. I remember at the time thinking that Jakes hands were so cold and wondering why he was walking so fast down this steep hill! We approach the beach and notice an interesting man doing back flips in the sand, I was so curious about this man and what he was doing I didn’t even realize the pathway of roses on the sand until I wasn’t already walking on them. I immiatly got emotional and proceeded to ask jake what this was! He slightly laughed grabbed my hands and spoke the sweetest words I’ve ever heard. I didn’t fully grasp what was happening until he was down on one knee with the most beautiful ring I have ever seen! I could not believe my dreams were all coming true and with the most incredible man I’ve ever met! I don’t even think I could speak so I just nodded my head yes and collapsed on him! Once he put the ring on my finger I heard cheering from behind me and as I turned around I see one of my closest friends,Samantha and her husband Kyle and my little sister who basically tackled me to the ground!! After taking a small photo shoot and a lot of laughs and hugs we head up the hill to have dinner at the Raya where we are greeted by the rest of my family as well as Jake’s family It was better than any proposal I could have ever dreampt up and a night I will never forget!

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