Peijin and Patrick

How We Met

It was 8 years ago when I join a bank for a holiday job. We were from different departments but fate brought us together, as my supervisor decided to send me over to his department to conduct a system testing. Needless to say, he was the one in charge of the testing over at his department. We started to correspond on many occasions via phone and email, and he eventually asked me out for lunch on the pretense of moving office, and successfully got my mobile number! We started hanging out after work and going for movies, but he often tease me and joke around so I wasn’t sure if he was really interested in me or just being a nice guy. So… I was caught by surprise when he sent flowers to my office on valentine’s day, together with a necklace and a special note confessing his feelings for me writing ‘put on the necklace if you are willing to be my girlfriend!’ That was one of the best valentine’s day in my life!

how they asked


It was the weekend after my birthday and he told me to take early off from my work as we are going to have some post-celebration for my birthday. I was surprised when I left office and saw my dad driving with him at the backseat. He had secretly packed all my clothes, took my passport and we were going for an overseas trip to Koh Samui! I was excited as we checked into the gorgeous Ocean Front Pool Villa that had a picturesque view and infinity pool. He had planned a private beach dinner on the 2nd night of our stay, with private chefs and butlers but on the pretense to celebrate my birthday. However when we were seated, he started to show me videos that he had compiled of our 7 years together.. and of my friends ‘promoting’ him and urging me to agree! I was laughing and tearing at this moment! With a huge bouquet of roses, he led me to the side of our Gazebo, knelt down on one knee and took out the ring!! “Marry Me?” lancers/sparklers light up at the end of the beach and I was grinning from ear to ear! I nodded and to my total surprise…with a loud bang… FIREWORKS!!! brightened up the whole sky! He knows that I had always love fireworks and said they belonged exclusively to me that night. That was indeed the best way to celebrate our love, so bright and colourful. I will never forget this moment where I felt so blessed and fortunate! :)

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