Pegah and Kyle

How We Met

Kyle and I met on Tinder! He super-liked me on the application which sent a push notification to my phone, and his picture caught my eye. We planned on going salsa dancing on our first date (since we both had listed that as our interest in our profile) but ended up talking for hours, missing the salsa dancing session…and the rest is history!

Pegah and Kyle's Engagement in Third Beach, Stanley Park

Proposal Ideas Third Beach, Stanley Park

How They Asked

I like to think I’m the prankster in my relationship with Kyle, but for this proposal, he got me good!

Kyle and my best friend Emily (who is also a professional wedding photographer) decided to surprise me in one of the most beautiful spots in Vancouver, Third Beach, Stanley Park during sunset.

Earlier that week, Kyle made up a lie about receiving some recognition at work and he asked me to go to dinner and a bike ride to celebrate. He had also told me, he had booked an appointment with a jeweler later that week to talk about getting a ring designed (which was a plot to throw me off of course…since he had already designed and made the ring).

We go for dinner, eat a bunch, and I convince him that I have a food coma and can not go for a bike ride. We drive to the location, where my best friends, Emily, Elyshia, and Ahla are setting up the scene for the proposal. When we get to the location, I am very reluctant to walk towards the beach since I get very cold. However, Kyle pleads me to watch the sunset with him by the water and I finally cave and reluctantly go to the planned proposal spot. As we walk towards the beautiful proposal set-up, all I am thinking is that he is pranking me. I ask him if this is someone else’s set-up and continue to say how someone else is being so romantic.

Kyle starts talking, and I hear absolutely nothing. All I can think about is….is this really happening? He goes down on one knee and in slow motion I hear, “Will you marry me”, in which I say, YES!

Once I put on the ring and turn around, I see my best friend taking our pictures and my other two best friends appear from behind some trees.

I never suspected that Kyle would be able to surprise me, but I guess the prankster has met her match!

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