Pearl and Akash

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How We Met

Akash and I met each other about eleven years ago while participating in a dance group. After meeting, we quickly became friends and enjoyed each others’ company so much so that we began to spend more time together and the rest is history!

how they asked

On Saturday morning at 7:30 a.m. my best friend showed up at my house knocking on my door harassing me to get coffee with her. We had discussed our plans to do so the night before, but I was, of course, dragging my feet as I hate waking up early, especially on the weekends. Her showing up was nothing out of the ordinary until she forced me to take a shower before we left for coffee. I kept insisting that a shower wasn’t necessary as I had planned to go for a run after our coffee date, but she kept insisting, so to the shower, I went. Little did I know, while I was showering she and my mom had packed my bag with a few dresses and all of my makeup. I proceeded upstairs to tell my family that we were stepping out, and I’d be back shortly. In response, my mom handed me an envelope with my first clue.

First clue: Immediately upon reading the first clue, I began to tear up out of joy and excitement. The first clue informed me that I would have a great day that was all planned out for me. As per the instructions in the clue, I left my house to be driven to my next destination.

Second clue: The clue stated that I should walk into Starbucks and look for a familiar face. Upon walking in I found my childhood best friend and we had coffee together. Then I was given my third clue.

Third clue: I was to walk into the parking lot and look for a car with its high beams flashing. Waiting for me was another friend who drove me to Rutgers, New Brunswick, where we both went to college. Along the drive, I recounted the numerous memories we shared during college.

Fourth clue: Waiting for me in New Brunswick was one of my college roommates. The next surprise was the beginning of my day full of pampering, with an hour-long massage to start. After the massage, I was instructed to put on the clothes I was carrying in my bag. Luckily, I found a dress and shoes in the bag (that my mom and friend had packed for me earlier).

Fifth clue: With this next clue, I walked to Hidden Grounds, a local coffee shop that we had stopped in a few months ago and loved. Upon arriving I was greeted by two more college friends, who I had breakfast with.

Sixth clue: This clue led me to a car ride with Akash’s parents. They kept telling me we were going to Mohegan Sun in Connecticut…which I was positive was not the case, but I still had no clue where we were going. My guess was Hoboken, and I was wrong. They dropped me off with my next clue outside of my law school building.

Seventh Clue: My next clue directed me to my local law school bar, O’Keefe’s. I found another friend in O’Keefe’s and enjoyed telling her all about my day. She walked me to my next destination, and at this point, I was fully convinced that Akash would be either near the Brooklyn Bridge or at the promenade. During my time in Brooklyn, we shared some great memories, walking along the water, and it was one of my favorite places. Sadly, I was wrong again. We stopped in the middle of Montague Street, where I read my clue, which said “You won’t find me on the promenade today,” but instead I should walk into Dashing Diva. Hiding behind the nail polish rack, I found a law school friend!

Eighth clue: Sadly, I was wrong again. We stopped in the middle of Montague Street, where I read my clue, which said “You won’t find me on the promenade today,” but instead I should walk into Dashing Diva. Hiding behind the nail polish rack, I found a law school friend!

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Ninth clue: After enjoying mani-pedis, the next clue instructed me to walk to Akash’s favorite barber shop, which I instantly guessed was Clinton Street Barbershop. At the Barbershop I found my next drivers, Akash’s cousins!

Tenth clue: They successfully distracted me from figuring out where we were driving to until we reached Hoboken. At this point, I was sure that I would be seeing Akash on the pier, but no, still wrong. This next clue led me to Salon Gatto, where another college friend was waiting for me and the wonderful stylists gave us both blowouts.

Eleventh clue: This next clue directed me to walk along the pier and look for my next drivers. Here, I found Akash’s friend and roommates walking toward me, and they brought me to Tally-Ho to have a drink and hang out. The next clue instructed me to walk to another bar to find another friend.

Twelfth clue: This clue was planned for me to enjoy a meal with my best friend at One Republik, which is our go-to nacho place in Hoboken. Unfortunately, One Republik permanently closed a few weeks back, so the plan of the proposal was slightly altered for me to enjoy my favorite food, a slice of pizza.

Thirteenth clue: This clue directed me to my next drivers, Akash’s brother, and girlfriend. Ironically, I walked past the car after seeing it without realizing who I was looking for. I was too distracted by the car’s speech to me that I did not realize we were at the marina until we parked. Then I was given the last clue.

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Fourteenth clue: Ultimately, this last clue led me to a marina in Jersey City, where he was waiting for me. At this point, I had a full day of fun and couldn’t wait to see him. I practically ran across the parking lot when I saw home, and we boarded a sailboat that brought us around along the coast of Manhattan and he proposed right at sunset! Of course, I said yes!

After leaving the docks, all of our friends from throughout the day were waiting to surprise us. We walked to Zepplin Hall and more friends were waiting for us there to celebrate our big moment.

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