Payton and Parker

How We Met

Parker and I met through mutual friends in our Senior year at the University of Alabama. We’d had the same friends all throughout college, but we had somehow never really crossed paths. It wasn’t until we randomly shared $5 cheeseburgers with friends and then ran into each other on karaoke night a few weeks later that the magic happened. I guess cheeseburgers and karaoke are the secret recipe for love.

There was only one problem: he was already going with one of my best friends to my sorority date party a few days later. I had already searched for a date with no luck, so I had decided I wasn’t attending the party. However, Parker was determined to get me to the party so that we could spend more time together. He found a date for me, and we ended up having one of the most awkward nights of our lives. But somehow, the rest is still history.

how they asked

I was on a weekend girls’ trip to San Fransisco with my friends Olivia and Courtney. We had spent the day exploring the city, and when we were trying to decide what to see next, Olivia suggested a short hike on a beautiful beach where we would be able to see the Golden Gate Bridge and maybe even some whales. We took an Uber out to the beach, which happened to be FREEZING and extremely windy. Despite the weather, we started our hike to see the beautiful view that Olivia had mentioned. When we made it to our destination, Olivia talked at length about the whales, and we kept our eyes peeled.

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While we were searching for whales, a woman who had been taking pictures of the bridge approached us. She told us that her model hadn’t shown up for a shoot and asked us if we’d be willing to pose for some shots. We agreed to do so. We posed for some group shots, and then the photographer asked us to do some solo shots. Olivia and Courtney quickly volunteered me to be the first model. I was hesitant, but I agreed. The photographer directed me to pose in different positions, and eventually, she asked me to turn around and face the bridge. I posed and waited for her next direction.

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Payton and Parker's Engagement in San Fransisco, CA

That’s when I got the biggest shock of my life. Parker walked up behind me as I was facing the bridge and tapped me on the arm. Then, I knew it was happening. Why else would he be standing on a cliff in California with Bible in hand? The words he said to me next were so special, and thankfully he wrote them down beforehand so that I can reflect them as often as I like, especially since the moment is such a blur in my mind.

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