Payton and Jonathan

Payton's Proposal in Th Freddy Awards, Easton PA

How We Met

It was the year of the 2013 Freddy Awards, a high school theatre award show similar to the Tony Awards that celebrates high school theatre in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. The event is televised at the State Theatre in Easton, PA each year. As alumni of the program and our old high school, we were offered the opportunity to come back and perform and assist with the night. Both of us had attended the same high school but did not know one another. A mutual friend and future best man introduced us. Both of us asked the friend many questions about the other, as a crush began to develop. We began talking outside of the rehearsals for the show, and ended up going on our first date to the beach. It was the most fun either of us had had in a long time, and the rest is history!

Where to Propose in Th Freddy Awards, Easton PA

Payton and Jonathan's Engagement in Th Freddy Awards, Easton PA

how they asked

We had a trip planned to Disney World that summer where I was positive he would pop the question. Instead, he had planned a live, televised proposal at the 2014 Freddy Awards, the place where we had met one year before. After performing in another alumni number, a stage technician pulled us both aside, telling us they are interviewing us for the next segment.

I had no idea what they wanted to talk to us about. Jon was distant, his hands sweating. I couldn’t place what was wrong. Suddenly, the lights are on and we are live. The show host begins asking us questions about our background, what high school we are from, what we do know. She then mentioned tonight would be a night I’d never forget, and that’s when Jon got on one knee.

I couldn’t believe it! I thought for sure it was going to happen at Disney World! All of our friends and students (we are theatre directors) were there watching and we could hear them all cheering. When we returned back to the theatre, it was as if the paparazzi were there for us. The local newspaper called me the next day to conduct an interview. It happened so quickly and so wonderfully, but now I have it all on film to remember! It is the first and only proposal to ever happen at the Freddy Awards.

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