Payton and Hayes

How We Met

We met in high school. We went to different schools and met through mutual friends at a New Year’s Eve party!

How They Asked

I am the Marketing Director for Carter’s Jewelry of Petal and we had just finished store renovations and launched our new website. We worked so hard leading up to it and we’re so excited to show it off! I wanted to have a photoshoot of our new store and get some “action shots” to use for social media and our website. I volunteered my boyfriend, Hayes, to model as a customer for the pictures.

Payton and Hayes's Engagement in Carter’s Jewelry of Petal

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Carter’s Jewelry of Petal

He had come in and done it a few times before, so it was nothing out of the ordinary. As we were wrapping up the photoshoot, our ‘song’ started playing and I realized my coworkers had all moved to the side and were staring at me.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Carter’s Jewelry of Petal

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Carter’s Jewelry of Petal

Hayes started walking towards me and I realized what was happening. He got down on one knee and I realized that the ring we had been using for the photo shoot was actually mine!

Special Thanks

Char Carter
 | Planning