Payton and Ben

Image 1 of Payton and Ben

How We Met

We met through our church’s college ministry. We took a road trip out to Minneapolis, MN where we got to talk for hours & get to know each other more.

How They Asked

Ben tricked me into thinking that we were going on a road trip to Detroit with some of our best friends so I had the whole day blocked off. He set it up so my best friend Katie drove me around all morning for a scavenger hunt filled with personal gifts and surprises that I love. A couple of our friends had a boat ready and took my out for a picnic lunch at Hoover Dam (in Columbus, OH). After that I came back to my house where all 11 of my housemates had prepared a beautiful spread of snacks and smoothie bowls. A friend gave me a manicure and the girls got me all dolled up. Later that afternoon they drove me to the OSU airport where Ben’s friend Sonny flew Katie and I all over Columbus and down to Circleville, OH. Katie drove us to a property that our friends had camped out before, and Katie led me up one of the rolling hills there, blindfolded. When I was able to take the blindfold off I found Ben standing in the middle of hundreds of sunflowers that he grew himself! That’s when he popped the question, and afterwards we were able to celebrate with some of our friends and family.