Payton and Aaron

how we met

Aaron and I met in high school and had many mutual friends! We never dated in high school but always had eyes for one another ;) Aaron is two years older and went to App State and I went to UNC Chapel Hill. One summer when we were both home from college, we reconnected and started going on a few dates. Later that fall, we started making trips to visit one another at school and we decided to make it official!

how they asked

Aaron has always been the best when it comes to big surprises, this one was definitely his best work! We have always had a long distance relationship up until this past year. We went to different colleges and went to different graduate schools at different times as well. After graduating from PA school in December 2018, it was finally time for us to be in the same city for the very first time. Aaron planned to take me to a nice dinner in the city for passing my boards and to celebrate finally being able to be home together! Needless to say, I didn’t suspect anything else was going on because we had so much to celebrate at the time. We were supposed to go to our favorite restaurant in the city where we have celebrated several milestones together, but I insisted we save our money because we were both broke post-graduates in debt (lol I ruin everything). So Aaron planned a reservation at another restaurant where I wouldn’t suspect anything and we could still celebrate. He was being SO normal during dinner so again, did not suspect a thing! After dinner, we walked back to the parking deck where we were parked and Aaron insisted we go to the top of the deck to look at the view of the city. Aaron is obsessed with the Charlotte skyline so I didn’t even think this was odd either! Little did I know, Aaron had been scouting for spots all week with his best friend who is a photographer and this particular parking deck had the top deck closed for parking and had excellent lighting and views. When we got up to the top, there was a bottle of Veuve Clicquot, two champagne glasses, and a single rose set up on one of the columns. At this point, I still thought this was in celebration of me passing my boards…haha. We walked over to the champagne bottle and I looked over and Aaron had dropped to one knee! I started squealing in excitement and honestly have no idea what either one of us said to each one another other than “I love you” and “YES!”. His friend was hiding around the corner and captured the entire moment on camera! It was truly incredible. After the proposal, he told me we were going to meet our families at a bar down the street to have a few drinks to celebrate. Again, I never suspected anything more than this…We walked into the bar and all of our family and friends were there to shout “SURPRISE”! He even had two of my best friends that live in New Orleans and Africa there, which instantly had me in tears upon walking into the party! We laughed, we cried, we did not stop smiling the whole night. It was one of the best nights of our lives to be with all of the people that we love and the celebrations have not stopped since!

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