Payal and Samir

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How We Met

Samir & I met during my freshman year of college & his sophomore year of college. We both went to different colleges in the same state. We both weren’t looking for anything serious but I still remember the first day I met him at Lenox Square mall in Buckhead. I offered to drop him back off to work & I ended up driving my car over the curb while making a left turn at a SUPER BUSY intersection and almost crashing my car. Talk about a great first impression….

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We both come from two different cultures. He’s from Saudi Arabia & I’m Indian from Chicago! We couldn’t be more different yet more perfect for each other. Our cultures caused quite the struggles for us to fight through together for about 7 years. We made many sacrifices and compromises but we both knew three things for sure: 1. We will make sure we move forward WITH both of our parents’ blessings. No blessings meant no marriage for us. 2. We will always love each other no matter what. Even if it meant not getting married. 3. We will give our love every bit of fight that God put in us.

how they asked

Fast forward to January 3, 2018. I finally heard those 4 words that I was DYING to hear from him. “Will you Marry Me?” And I lost it & cried my heart out. We really made it! I couldn’t believe how far our love & persistence brought us. Love eventually won everyone over and our families couldn’t be happier!

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Special Thanks

Robert Rainbow
 | Photographer
Lissette Leonardo
 | Planning
999 The Peachtree Club
 | Proposal Location