Payal and Parth

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How We Met

Parth and I met in middle school at flag football tryouts and we were friends for years before we finally decided to explore that “what if” feeling we had in the back of our heads. By the time we were in college, we both knew what we were looking for and the more we talked, the more we realized this was it for us. When we officially started dating Parth told me on our first date that he couldn’t wait to marry me and for me, it was always Parth so when the proposal day finally came – it was an absolute dream come true.

How They Asked

Parth always makes my birthday a special one, he knows how much I love to travel, and with Covid – all of that was on pause. So I didn’t think twice when Hawaii was mentioned. I planned the whole itinerary and was ready to go but the night before we flew out, Parth switched around the whole schedule saying he wants to relax on the beach the last days and explore the first few days – but actually I later found out that he wanted to avoid me being sunburnt on our special day. The day of, we just finished going to national parks and I was ready to hit the bed for a nap but our friend really wanted to take sunset pics since that was the only light day on our schedule so I put on a basic dress, put dry shampoo in my hair and put on some lip gloss.

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My friend came out of her room looking like she was about to go to a wedding! So she told me to change so she doesn’t feel overdressed or else she’s just going to come wearing something basic too. I went back to my room and dragged my feet out the door with the dress I wanted to wear for my birthday the next day. When we arrived at the location, it was stunning, I got busy looking around and exploring!

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Parth asked me to go hang out by the rocks at the end of the pier while our friends were busy taking pics and drone shots of the views and as we walked closer to the end of the pier he said “Happy birthday on the east coast my love, You know how I plan things out of the blue but today I…” at that moment I stopped and looked at him and his face said it all – this was the moment! I blacked out, cried, asked him if he can wait while I put on some eyeliner and lashes 😂. He managed to guess my ring size, know what ring I wanted, find the perfect location, reserve a pier, find the most amazing photographer (Thank you Karma Hill!), and plan with our closest friends and family without giving me a slight clue – Just how I wanted it – an unexpected proposal in the most intimate way.

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