Payal and Kevin

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How We Met

It was right at the beginning of my 3rd year of medical school, in the second week of my clinical rotations. I walked into clinic, nervous as can be, more worried about using my stethoscope properly than who I would be meeting. Of course when I least expected it, I met the man of my dreams. He spent the day at clinic making me laugh with his sarcastic jokes while still being empathetic towards patients and intelligent with the physician. I went home and stalked all his social media, deciding when I would talk to him; we ended up adding each other and for an entire year would like each others pictures but would never talk. Exactly after a year of thinking about him, I run into him at a hospital again. This time I knew I would not miss my opportunity and from that moment forward we were inseparable. Our first date was somehow perfection, despite all the nerves leading to it. I’ll never forget the way he first looked at me when picking me up, or the unique violet roses he brought me. Every time we were together it was so surreal; he was the guy I had day dreamed about after that first meeting. He shared a similar story of knowing he wanted to marry me after that first meeting. Kevin is undoubtedly my best friend; the support we’ve given each other during each of our difficult moments is paralleled with the joy we feel during every other one.

how they asked

I had an idea that Kevin might be thinking to propose this Fall so I had no hints that it was coming anytime soon. We had a fairly busy few months with finishing medical school and attending family events, so I wasn’t suspicious when he told me he had planned a date night for us. It had been quite a while since our last one and the weather in Chicago was finally getting warmer. The plan was to have a picnic at a park right by our apartments which we visit very often, followed by drinks and a nice dinner. His parents were supposedly in St.Louis for a wedding and my sister lives in Austin and had scheduled a visit the week after so I knew she couldn’t have more work vacation days. I was certain that he would not propose without our entire family there so I was very relaxed knowing it wasn’t a possibility. My sister would ask me what I was going to wear on this date night and I’d respond saying I’ll figure out that day, who cares he’s not proposing anyways! I found out later how nervous everybody was that I would show up in some ripped denim shorts and a racerback tank. Luckily, I got the urge to get dressed up for our dinner and went shopping Friday afternoon after working, got ready as quickly as possible, and walked towards our favorite park for our picnic with a bottle of cold champagne. I walked up to see Kevin on an adorable picnic blanket with a basket on top of the hill we always sit at. I took off my shoes, popped the bottle of champagne, and we settled down for some cheese and crackers. Twenty minutes into the picnic, I still had no idea there was anything going on! Kevin was playing it completely cool and we had a normal conversation until I felt a tap on my shoulder. I see my sister standing there with a rose and go into complete shock. By the time I realized what was happening, his sister approached with a rose, followed by his parents, and finally by my parents. At this point I was a complete emotional mess but so happy that all of our loved ones were about to witness such a monumental moment in our lives. By the time I had finished hugging everybody and turned around, Kevin was waiting for me; he said such beautiful words, and the best part was that despite the group of people around us, only I could hear him. He dropped down on his knee and showed me the most beautiful emerald ring. Another amazing aspect was he had asked Joseph Sabia, a photographer my family is very close to, to document the entire thing. Kevin brought all the props for the photoshoot (he admitted to using Pinterest!) and we were able to get our save the date photos because everything came out so beautifully! After the proposal and photoshoot we went to a nearby bar for a drink and then headed to my favorite Italian restaurant, Clara’s. Little did I know that inside were 25 of our closest friends and family waiting to celebrate with us. The whole evening was surprise after surprise and I was so overwhelmed at the effort Kevin and our families put in to make sure I was surprised and blown away. It was an experience I will cherish forever; and of course I am in love with the fact that Kevin went through the effort of designing a custom ring that is so gorgeous and unique!

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Special Thanks

Joseph Sabia
 | Photographer