Paulmarie and Mark

Marriage Proposal Ideas in The Waterwall in Houston, Texas

How We Met

PaulMarie and I met in 2006 during college at St. Thomas University in Miami, FL. Soon after meeting we became friends and then best friends. I spoke to her about any and everything.

how they asked

I fell in love with PaulMarie in Houston in February 2015 – she just didn’t know it yet. I finally mustered up the courage to tell her how I felt in July of that year and we began dating. I knew she was the one and I planned on proposing on the day of our one year anniversary – July 24, 2016. Since Houston was where it all started for me I suggested that we celebrate our one year anniversary there. During the week leading up to our anniversary I sent her a bouquet of flowers everyday with a different lyric from the chorus of Brian Mcknights song “Back at One”. On the day of our anniversary, we went to church and afterwards to the water-wall. As we walked through the park, I started showing her pictures from our time as friends and our time as a couple. Once we reached the waterfall, I recited the chorus, told her how I felt and got down on one knee.

Paulmarie's Proposal in The Waterwall in Houston, Texas

She said yes and I couldn’t be happier!

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