Paulina and Rob

How we met: Rob & I met near the end of our senior year in high school. We had some mutual friends, so we have heard of each other before. One day, we began talking on Facebook. The Facebook messages then turned into text messages, then phone calls, then finally our first date. Rob took me to a movie, and from there the rest is history. He was my prom date and he will be the man waiting for me at the end of our aisle on our wedding day!

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how they asked: I love pumpkin and apple picking. It isn’t Rob’s favorite thing to do. At the end of September 2014, I started to ask Rob when we would have time to go with our busy schedules (We both work and Rob is finishing nursing school). Finally, he told me October 25th will be the firstImage 1 of Paulina and RobSaturday I have off and that is when we will go. The week leading up to our proposal Rob had told me to dress nice because he is going to take me to a fancy lunch after pumpkin picking. When he told me to dress nice, I had a strange feeling. I was joking around with my parents and my best friends saying “I’ll probably get engaged Saturday”, which I didn’t really believe. The past 5 and a half years, I would always joke around saying that it was just about time to get engaged. Being that I always joked about this, I really wasn’t expecting anything. I really just thought we were going to pick some pumpkins and apples, then go for a lunch.

The morning of our engagement, I got up early to get ready knowing that Rob was picking me up around 12 noon. Despite Rob telling me to dress nicely, I just brought a change of clothes with me, I wanted to wear my plaid shirt to the patch! The whole car ride to the patch, Rob seemed cool and calm, but he did seem a little tired. When we finally pulled up, he pulled into the first patch which I found strange because the attendants usually tell you which patch to go to. When I asked Rob about it, he told me we can visit all the patches (which made me very happy)!

Upon walking into the patch, I picked up my bucket and we began to walk. I saw the most perfect pumpkin as soon as we walked in and I wanted to grab it but Rob insisted that we look at the apples first. When we walked up to the apple patch, there was something set up. Not expecting anything I was going to continue walking past this set up, but Rob stopped. When I asked him what it was (still didn’t read what it said) he smiled and told me “It’s for you”. At that moment I read the pumpkins, that read “Will You Marry Me?” as he got down on one knee. I immediately dropped my empty apple bucket on the floor and began to cry. There were so many people cheering us on in the background as I said yes! After crying, I realized our friends were behind us, videoing the whole experience! Rob had arranged the whole rest of the day, our families and friends were having a party for us that night and our friends were taking us all out for drinks that night.

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