Paulina and Rapha

How We Met

I met Rapha over 3 years ago on a 4th of July night. At the time, I was the new girl in town visiting my friends in Napa Valley just for the summer. I didn’t really know anyone yet so I figured I would head to the bar after a long day. There is this one bar in Saint Helena where all the locals go, so it was a great opportunity for me to meet new people there. However, I still went in with no expectations but to have fun celebrating Independence Day. Little did I know, that night I would unexpectedly end up talking to a guy that will change my life forever…

Paulina and Rapha's Engagement in Antelope Canyon, Arizona

Rapha grew up in Saint Helena so he spotted me – the new girl in town – right away. What impressed me about him the most was the fact he was very respectful and gracious in carrying out a conversation. There were no desperate pickup lines, just a kind invitation for dinner that followed our rather short conversation. I politely agreed because I was intrigued.

We went out for a dinner date the following week and I guess the rest is history. Together we’ve been through ups and downs of a long-distance relationship, we traveled all over America together and now we’re making a home here in Napa Valley. There’s honestly no better feeling than sharing my life with him. I will be forever grateful for that random night at the bar.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Antelope Canyon, Arizona

how they asked

Arizona is a home to so many natural wonders in America that it quickly became a top of my bucket list. I’ve been to the Grand Canyon before but I still was dying to see the Antelope Canyon. After talking about my travel dreams for years, Rapha finally surprised me with the Arizona trip for my birthday this year!

One of the most amazing things about this surprise trip is that I didn’t have to plan a thing. I mean, he thought of everything! Our itinerary was full of dream adventures I always wanted to go on. I already felt like the luckiest girl in the world and that was only half the surprise he had in store…

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Antelope Canyon, Arizona

Our second day of the trip was all devoted to my bucket list sightings. I was so giddy the whole day because I knew we’re in for a treat. Arizona definitely didn’t disappoint! After we visited Horseshoe Bend on our little road trip, we were headed to see the Antelope Canyon next.

When we finally ascended to the canyon with our tour friends and the Navajo guide, we couldn’t help but take photos left and right. Our guide was actually so generous with helping us get the right shot too. He knew all the best angles! I didn’t know how much space we’re going to have down there and how many people are going to be in my shots, so I was taking photos at every opportunity I could get.

Less than 5 minutes in, I was lining up to get a photo with Rapha. Since there were people everywhere, I just wanted to get something right away. Anything worked for me but for some reason, it didn’t sit cool with Rapha. I could see him getting anxious trying to find an emptier spot for a photo together. Once again, talking about a perfect guy trying to make my bucket list photo dreams come true.

After a bit of scrambling, we finally stood together for a photo that our Navajo guide, Ro, was taking for us. Quick snaps on my phone and I’m ready to move on and make space for others. But not Rapha. He asks for one more. I grab my phone from Ro and then look at Rapha thinking he’s taking out his phone for more photos. I couldn’t be more wrong. He was holding a little box and yes, you guessed it – he dropped on his knee.

This is when you try to imagine him asking me to marry him, both of us tearing up, me repeatedly screaming “oh my God”, shaking legs and hands and people cheering up with congratulations. Like I said before, it was the most beautiful, surprising and SURREAL moment of my entire life. I always wondered how I would feel on this day and now I finally know. I think my body reaction was a true indication that in an instant – I was made the happiest girl in the world. Of course, I said YES!!!

If you want to see what was going through Rapha’s mind that day and how he knew I was the one, please visit my blog.