Paulina and Ben

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How We Met

Ben and I met at our alma mater, Seton Hall University, in micro economics class during my freshman year. He was one of the those bad boys who would come in late to class just to get my attention :) It worked! We found that to be the best class we ever had because that is when it all started, even though it was the worst grade we ever got! From then on we created so many memories throughout the years. We joined fraternities and sororities, made life long friends together, traveled the world and developed the foundation to our relationship. He’s my absolute best friend and I can’t picture a life without him.

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how they asked

Ben proposed to me the day after my 25th birthday. My mom told me she wanted to throw me a little party since it was a milestone age and invited the whole family over. Ben’s parents and younger brother drove over 3 hours to be there too! Just the day before, he gave me a birthday present before taking me out to dinner with my closest friends. It was a pair of gorgeous black diamond earrings and a diamond necklace. Who would’ve expected more diamonds after that kind of present?!

Ben spent the day of my party decorating and helping my parents set up as he insisted I go out with my sisters, relax and get my nails done. The party was going so well and we were having the best time. And then my cousin (who is my best friend and a sister to me since birth) surprised me by showing up at the house! I was so touched I began to cry; she’s a resident doctor at the University of Pittsburgh Mercy Hospital so to say she is busy is an understatement. My best friends, my entire family, Ben’s family from Massachusetts were all there to celebrate me. I felt so loved already.

At one point of the night, Ben grabbed my hand and asked me to stand up and take a picture with him. As I was getting ready to pose, he asked our friends and family for their attention because he had something to say. He began to talk about the first time we met and how special our lives have become. His words were so perfect because it was my Ben speaking from the heart. As he told me he didn’t want to live another day without me and got down on one knee, I fell to the floor with excitement! At that point, I was the happiest girl in the world and I can’t wait to spend every day with him for the rest of my life.

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