Paulette and Chris

How We Met

Chris and I met at a body building show in march, 2016. Chris was sitting in front of me as I was cheering my friend on. (My friend won) but as I was screaming and cheering, Chris looked back at me a little confused and more like “lady SHHH” about a week went by and I got a friend request from Chris on Instagram. I told my fried hossam, oh my gosh! This is the guy that was sitting in front of us! I.was just crying to my friend and asking him, why can’t I meet a guy that wants a family? Why can’t I find a guy that wants to stay home with me and respect my hustle? My friend Hossam was excited for me and he said “write to him!” And me being shy, I couldn’t find the words to say. About 2 hours go by, I got busy and distracted at work, and I suddenly check my phone, and Chris wrote to me “hey what’s up! I remember you from that night” my jaw dropped to the floor. I was shocked Chris wanted to meet me after I thought I blew out his ear drum. Chris was telling me he had a business trip to go to on Thursday, and so we made plans to meet on the Wednesday morning before he was going away.

Chris came down to speak to me, asked me a few questions and we instantly became friends. About an hour after Chris and I met, he calls me. He said “Paulette I know you have a dog, my dog sitter just bailed on me, do you know anywhere I can bring my puppy for the 3 days that I’m away, but someone I can’t trust because my dog is my baby?” My response was effortless, I simply said “bring her to my house and I’ll watch her, don’t worry!” Chris was shocked, and said “are you sure? I don’t really know you but, if it’s okay with you I’m cool with it” and I said “absolutely” I remember hanging up the phone and thinking to myself, did that just really happen?

Then Hossam called me, we had plans to go to Yankee stadium that night to watch a soccer game, but now Hossam said he wasn’t feeling well and thought he had food poisoning. I told Hossam, I know your sick and throwing up but I have something to tell you! I told him, I just met with Chris and I agreed to watch his puppy while he’s away, but I don’t even know him. Hossam said, ask him if he’ll go to the game with you! So I called Chris, and I said… hi Chris? And he was like “PLEASE DONT BAIL ON ME PLEASE” I said no way! I’m calling to ask you, I was suppose to go to Yankee stadium with Hossam but he woke up throwing up and now bailed on me, would you want to go with me.. the game starts at 6! Chris said YES!

Paulette's Proposal in Lovers beach Cabo, Mexico

I’ll drop everything to go with you! wow! Writing this brings tears to my eyes because I am a firm believer of destiny and this day was totally my destiny. Chris and I went to the game, we even took Hossam because he was feeling better, we had an amazing time. I remember going home and Chris said I’ll see you in a bit to drop off the dog and some stuff. Chris came by, drop off all this TeamVilla stuff all these dog toys, dog treats, dog bed. You would think he was already moving in. Chris leave my house and a few hours later got on his flight. I wished him a safe flight and this was his response “Paulette, I can’t believe in one day I meet you, go on a date with you, leave my baby with you…?” Till today I still have that text message.

how they asked

Of course, as soon as Chris came home from his trip, he offered to pay me for dog sitting, and I refused. He said, “can I at least take you to dinner” and I said YES! When he took me to dinner, he asked me to be his girlfriend. After 7 months of dating, Chris joined my family and I on our once a year family trip to Mexico. My father treats us every year for family time, and this was the first time ever we had a guest. At first my father didn’t think it was a good idea for Chris to come, because we were just dating. But suddenly my father had a change of heart and brought Chris along. As soon as we landed in Cabo, we sat down for lunch at our hotel, and there were these beautiful horses riding along the beach.

My entire family said “oh wow! Look at the horses!!!!” Because we never seen horses on the beach in all the times we’ve traveled to Mexico. Chris looked over at us and said “do you guys want to go?” And my entire family said YES! Even my mom! So the next day, Chris made plans for all of us to go horseback riding along the beach, as a thank you to my parents for bringing him along to our family vacation. suddenly as we were all eating lunch at 3:30 pm, Chris had made reservations for 4 pm to ride the horses, as about 4:30 pm the sun was going to set.

Chris for the first time didn’t eat anything, he was sipping on these Pina-coladas, and was getting nervous. He said “I’m going to the room to change, because we have to go soon” I remember looking over at Chris and laughing, in my mind I said, this guy is never in time for anything, what’s the rush I just order my pizza. Chris and my brother Victor got up and went to the room to “change” little did I know there was going to be a surprise of a lifetime. I sat at the table with my parents and my older brother, eating my pizza, and my parents were just starring and smiling at me.

Suddenly, the horses pull up as it just turned about 3:50 pm. We finished eating, and my mom said, let’s go ride the horse! And I’m just like, what’s going on? We have them for an entire hour from 4-5 pm. Even my older brother said, “can I at least go to the bathroom?” I laughed and I said, seriously! I need to go to. So my brother and I walked up to the room laughing, as my parents stayed downstairs by the horses. And then something hit me. It crossed in my mind like, what is Chris going to do propose? because being early to go somewhere is a first right now. But then I doubted it, I said… No way! It’s only seven months, I don’t think he’s ready.

We go upstairs and I looked entered the room, Chris was looking so handsome and fresh, and Chris said “babe put something nice on because I want new photos to put in our new place!” I looked at him like, really? Now you tell me this? The only thing I did was brush my hair back. And then we all went downstairs. Everyone in my family was laughing, smiling, giggling.. I thought it was from the drinks but, after we all got on the horses and went about half a mile down the shore, we stopped for a group photo and that’s when Chris got off the horse and took the ring out and popped the question. My jaw dropped like the first time he messaged me, and the same words came out of my mouth when he asked for my hand in marriage, I said “absolutely!”

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