Paula and Ronnie

How We Met

Ronnie and I have known each other for 10 years now. We met through his sister Vivian, who is my best friend since high school. Thank you, Vivian, for introducing me to the love of my life and my future husband! What I love is that I was able to create an incredible friendship with Ronnie before we even started dating. When we first met I was only 15 and he was 17 years old. As time passed and hanging out with him more often, we started to grow a crush on one another, but at that time we were both in different relationships and left it as that and stopped taking for a while. A year passes and we were both single when I reached back out to him to see how he was doing during the summer of 2011. We started hanging out as friends until we had our date, which happened without planning. We are both die-hard Mets fans and we went to a game together on 08/20/19. A few weeks later on 09/11/11, I said yes to being his girlfriend on the front steps of my house after a beautiful breakfast date.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in At Walt Disney World in Magic Kingdom in front of Cinderella's Castle

How They Asked

Ronnie and I had been wanting to go to Disney World in Orlando, Florida for a long time as we had not been to Disney World in over 15 years with our families. We had tried to plan a Disney trip for the both of us alone but as usual, life always happens. Then one day, out of the sake of a conversation that was had, we finally decided to make the trip happen and include both our families instead of just us two. It was a big family trip that totaled 12 of us. We planned the trip for September of 2019 not knowing what to expect, due to the fact that it was the first time both families will share a house together and simply because it was during hurricane season.

Just a few days before our flight to Orlando, it was announced that Hurricane Dorian had formed and was heading towards the coast of Florida and other parts could be affected. We arranged an emergency meeting between all of us to vote on whether or not we should take the risk of flying during the hurricane. We would be risking We traveled from NYC to Orlando on 09/02/19, Dorian was making it’s way to the Bahamas and Florida was starting to feel it’s winds. We were so close on canceling the entire trip and rescheduling due to the forecast, but thankfully we didn’t because the parks were EMPTY and Orlando was not affected at all: just a bit of rain which is normal in Florida. I found this trip to be an incredible opportunity for our families to bond since we were about to make 8 years together on 09/11/19. We all stayed together in a huge Airbnb and I think that was the most incredible decision ever. We all bonded and it made the vacation even more special. We went to all the Disney Parks that week as well as Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure. I love Disney, anything that is Disney and when it comes to Disney, obviously I am a huge kid. Ronnie has always known this and thankfully, Ronnie is just as much of a kid as I am.

I was a little bit suspicious about the trip in the beginning but did not think about it too much and just looked forward to the trip. Ronnie was planning the proposal all along and originally planned to propose in the Animal Kingdom in front of the Tree of Life at night. I only know this because he told me afterward. Our favorite Disney movie is The Lion King and we because we love it so much, we call each other Simba and Nala. Of course, the proposal would have been extra extra EXTRA special, but because of the hurricane, Animal Kingdom closed early that afternoon we went and we did not get to experience the park at night. Ronnie then decided to propose at the Magic Kingdom on Thursday, September 5th.

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As the day approached, I was beyond excited to get to the park. I had no clue what was going to happen that day. All the parks had already gotten me emotional, but the second I saw Cinderella’s castle as we walk into the park, I started crying. Ronnie was planning on proposing at night during the Happily Ever After Firework Show, but because of how emotional I got once we got there, he knew it was only right to do it then. I had purchased Disney’s Photopass Memory Maker to use for the entire trip as it gives you have access to photographers all around the parks and you can take as many pictures as you want. These pictures are available on the Disney App immediately after the photographer scans your Magic Band or your park ticket and can download them right onto your phone. Little did I know, the PhotoPass Memory maker was going to be used for my own engagement pictures (I am so grateful I did this because I always told Ronnie to make sure there was a photographer hidden whenever it would happen). We were taking pictures with the photographer closer to the castle with the entire family and once everyone was done Ronnie had asked me to take another set of pictures.

At that moment, Ronnie had his hand behind his back holding the ring box. I had no clue what so ever. I had no idea those were going to be the last seconds of being Ronnie’s girlfriend. He began to talk to me about the promise ring he gave me back on 12/25/15 and how it was time to change that. I took care of that ring so much, there was a moment I had thought I lost it. I was freaking out about it and the times I have had to resize it or leave it for repair, it was the hardest weeks of my life being without my promise ring. At that point, I couldn’t control myself anymore and my reaction was to keep saying “no stop…stop” with a shaky voice and the tears began to come down the second I see him lowering to kneel.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in At Walt Disney World in Magic Kingdom in front of Cinderella's Castle

As soon as Ronnie asked me to marry him, I said yes and I cried my eyes out as he took my promise ring off and put my engagement ring on. I forgot for a moment we were in Disney World, that we were in front of Cinderella’s Castle, and completely forgot our entire family was there. We both blocked out everything else and just focused on one another. I said YES to the love of my life! We planned the trip for the families to bond, to celebrate our 8 year anniversary and little did I think I would’ve left that trip engaged to him. To my fiancé, you made our magical day even more special including the entire family as well as including one of my favorite places in the world. I can’t wait to begin this new chapter and can’t wait to plan our wedding together. Our own Happily Ever After.

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