Paula and Luis

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How We Met

It was such a special moment for me when I met him because I was on a vacation with my friends and I did not have any expectations to meet someone. It was a moment for me when I did not think about having a relationship, however, when we met, I felt more than sure that this is the man for me. But that is how you meet great love anyway, right? So unexpectedly and magically as the proposal was. Our first date was by the beach, having a romantic dinner with a great sea view and we talked for hours. From this moment on, I love him more and more every day and I can’t wait to tell you the way he proposed, so let’s get started!

How They Asked

A marriage proposal with letters of a meter and a half: this was the great moment of P&L

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Hold on, it’s coming! Yes, this proposal that we bring you today is not just any proposal, it is a proposal with illuminated letters of a meter and a half that left everyone speechless.

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We proclaim ourselves guilty that it turned out so perfect and just as the groom had dreamed of. We selected an exclusive hotel room and decorated it in the most romantic and special way.

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The bride, of course, didn’t know or imagine anything. The protagonists were a Mexican couple who had just arrived in Spain and were already in love with the country. They had only been here a short time but liked it so much that the groom didn’t think twice and wanted to ask her to marry him.

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His way of surprising her was to tell her that he was going to have lunch with his new work colleagues, but nothing of the sort was going to happen! If you want to know everything about this proposal with letters, keep reading because we’ll tell you all the details.

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Let’s get started!

The Hotel Santa Mauro, the witness to this proposal

The exclusive and luxurious hotel located in Madrid was chosen for this marriage proposal with letters, which is a sophisticated 5-star property that invites you to embark on a journey back to the 19th century and stay in the residence of one of the influential figures of Madrid society of the time: the Duke of Santo Mauro.

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With a French-influenced design and architecture, the Hotel Santo Mauro consists of three buildings surrounded by the most sophisticated private garden in the city, with centuries-old chestnut trees, fountains, and terraces. The rooms are full of details and historical references that make you feel immersed in the past.

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In addition, each room recreates a unique space; The Red Room in a pure French style, and The Chinese Lounge with oriental pieces that recall the objects that the Duke brought back from his travels. The Wine Bar with its extensive wine list and traditional “dishes” and the old Duke Library which houses the main restaurant where you can taste historic palace gastronomy make up the gastronomic proposal. After the “I do” the couple could taste succulent dishes!

Romantic and special decoration

In addition to the rose petals, the big protagonists were the large letters of almost a meter and a half, which were the initials of the couple: P&L.

This was a very special decoration, as this moment required it. If you want to know how the bride reacted when she saw it… keep reading.

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A violin is always an addition

The Mexican groom was clear that he wanted a proposal with lyrics, but he was also clear that he wanted live music to be present in this great moment of his life.

What is a special moment without music? Nothing! That’s why the violin was in charge of livening up the evening. And, as we all know, there is nothing better than music to enliven emotions and make moments unique, memorable, and meaningful.

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A very emotional bride

When they walked down the aisle and opened the door to the hall, she was thrilled to see the whole scene set up: the letters with their initials on them, the violin playing their favorite songs, and the petals scattered on the floor.

Without a second’s hesitation, she said yes. Then they stayed in this room to eat and fill their stomachs after their lettered proposal.

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Professionals present at this marriage proposal with letters

The wedding planner of Weddings and Events Natalia Ortiz was in charge of getting everything ready so that the violin played at the exact moment and the petals and letters were lit and, above all, the bride didn’t suspect anything at any time.

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Tanya Vasiliuk was the professional photographer in charge of capturing every moment with her lens so that the bride and groom would never forget what that great moment was like.

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Special Thanks

Tanya Vasiliuk
 | Photographer
Wedding and Events by Natalia Ortiz
 | Planning