Paula and Jorge

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How We Met

I met him trough my brother one night that I was covering for him when he left the house really late and I was supposed to tell him if my parents got up..when I called my brother Jorge answered and he started talking to me like he knew me forever…We slowly fell in love but it soon became a forbidden love since my parents did not agree to it because he was 5 years older than me, a college guy and I was in high school. Since he was my neighbor we found an abandoned house in our neighborhood were we would secretly meet and fought for our love for over 3 years until my parents gave up and accepted it.The rest is history…

how they asked

Jorge and I were in a family trip in Vail Colorado and Jorge decided to rent a sleigh ride since he said it would be a romantic and fun thing to do together plus it would give us some alone time. When the ride started all I could see was the incredible view and I was focused on cuddling with Jorge since it was already so romantic. After twenty minutes of the ride when we got to the top of a mountain there was a cabin where we were given hot chocolate, I could tell that for some reason he was very nervous and he could not stand still. During our hot chocolate break he said lets go outside and take some pictures, and with the view I had seen how could I not agree.

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Where to Propose in Vail Colorado

We left the cabin to take pictures and I could see how he was making sure he would get the best view possible, he asked the person who was guiding the sleigh (she knew he was going to propose) to take a picture but it turns out she was recording.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Vail Colorado

When I was going to pose for the picture he turned me to face him and said this is the perfect moment to tell you that I want to spend the rest of my life with you, that I have never met anyone who makes me so happy and after a few more words he got down on one knee and I responded “Of course i will marry you”…

After a lot of hugs and kisses and some tears, we took some engagement pictures and continued our sleigh ride while snuggling and drinking our hot chocolate. When we finished the ride the family was all there blowing bubbles and with a sign that said congratulations. It was definitely one of the best days of our lives.