Paula and Daniel

How We Met

We had known each other for a few years but never really gave it a chance. Until one day we ran into each other at a conference and struck up a conversation. From there we decided to keep in touch (he lived in Portland, Or). After a few months of talking we decided to take it a step further. Being such a gentleman, he came to California to ask my parents if we could date. As old school as it sounds, my parents loved that about him. As tough as it was, we made the long distance relationship work for a year. Daniel couldn’t stand it any longer and decided to move to the Bay Area to be closer to me. We’ve had our ups and downs but here we are 5 years later, madly in love, and engaged! Yay!

how they asked

Best day of my life (so far)! He had a co-worker ask if we could do him a favor and come into his studio for a photo shoot to update his portfolio. The plan was that we would do the shoot and celebrate our 5-year anniversary afterward. I stressed over what to wear and almost backed out but he insisted we do this “favor for a friend”. I knew once I opened the door to the “studio” (he had rented a commercial space in the city); I saw the narrow staircase was lined with tea light candles and our good friend and photographer was at the top. I started crying immediately! I walked up the narrow staircase and arrived to an amazing loft with brick walls and all decked out. There was dimmed lighting, tons of candles, and a decorated table for two.

He then led me to the couches, sat me down, gave me a gorgeous bouquet, and handed me a beautifully wrapped box as he said, “Happy 5 Year Anniversary!”

I unwrapped the gift and it was in a Paris themed box (since we had planned to be in Paris this week with our friends but things didn’t work out). There was a photo book inside detailing some of the best moments of our relationship. Midway through I’m in tears and as I turn to the last page it says, “Will you marry me?” I looked up and Daniel (my now Feyonce!) is down on one knee!!

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He started saying his speech and opened the ring box (I freaked out because it was exactly what I wanted!) Anyway, I said yes!

We then moved to the table where the chef he had hired prepared us a 5-course meal, including my favorite, paella, and cooked fresh right in front of us. We had dinner and took pictures and it was seriously a dream come true… absolutely perfect!

And it’s even better told…

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Special Thanks

Er Flores
 | Photography
 | Catering
Katie Barquet
 | Proposal Coordinator