Paula and Carlos

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Charlie and I meet 4 years ago, by a mutual friend in a BBQ. We inmediaty just click. He is a intelligent enterprenour that just robbed my heart. We are just a adventurous young couple from Puerto Rico, that has a lot of dreams. I met him when I was doing my Masters in SLP, and he was very supportive all my three years, we always talk about the idea to found better oportunities in the United States, and finally when I graduate a job offer was made, that I couldn’t reject. Sooo… we purshase the tickets to July 23 with no returning day to Puerto Rico, but with 4 luggage’s full of dreams. In July 19, in front of family, friends he proposed. I think the pictures can explain how special was this day for us ❤️

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Special Thanks

Carlos Calderon
 | Planning
Iris Valenzuela
 | Planning
Andrea Hernandez
 | Planning