Katie and Paul

How We Met

My friend (Suzanne) invited me to go to a “Power & Love” conference held by Todd White. It’s basically a Christian conference (especially for all ages who believe in the gifts of the spirit- healing, words of knowledge, etc- because you not only listen to the messages but you go out in the community). Well when I was sitting with my friend in the church, the speaker (Todd White) asked those to come up who are comfortable approaching and praying for people in the community. I was, because I was doing a lot of street ministry at the time (going up to the homeless and building relationship with them). The purpose in coming up to the front of the church and raising you hand was so that a few others who were not as comfortable could join you.

I was about to go up, but Suzanne said “wait! I feel like the Lord wants us to wait.” I said “ugh okay..” I waited for about 30 seconds and said “okay I’m going!” I went up to the front and raised my hand. That’s when Paul came up (I didn’t know him- he’s from Henderson, NC) and asked if I had anyone with me yet. I said just my friend Suzanne. So the 3 of us went out, casually to eat, Walmart, etc. talking to and praying for people along the way. At the end of the night, after the three of us came back to the church for the last message, we thought since we drove down to Wilmington (at the beach) we might as well go walk on the beach. Another friend joined us, so there were four. (I know I’m being a total girl right now and given all the maybe unneeded details!) So we were walking on the beach that night and I was wearing boots that had holes in them, so all this sand was getting in them. As we began to walk back (now on the road), I mentioned the sand in my boots and Paul asked if I wanted to take off my boots and ride on his shoulders… so I did! First day we met and I’m on his shoulders! Right before we said goodbye to each other we exchanged numbers.

Romantic walk up Grandfather Mountain for couple's engagement session in North Carolina.

The following nights we talked for hours on the phone till the sun came up about the foundational things that we want in a husband/wife. We quickly discovered how solid our foundation with God is, knowing He comes first to both of us. This drove so much passion between us that we were already talking about marriage just in a few days. Though, it wasn’t till over 3 years that we got engaged. We agreed on almost everything, but our personalities were opposite in big ways. I’m free-spirited and spontaneous, while he was in the Marines for almost 6 years and is very structured and strategic. I have a strong personality as a woman and he has a strong personality as a man. Neither of us are passive. Our Myers Briggs personalities are total opposites. He’s a INTJ and I’m and ESFP. We read books and sought counseling, because we continued to struggle with communication. Over the years now we have learned how to talk with one another and respect what’s important to each other. It has taken time, but it’s been well worth it. To me, the best kind of love has been one that never gives up, and I’m so happy that God had us met at the right place, and at the right time.

Hiding among the trees for a romantic engagement.

how they asked

Paul proposed to me at the Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden. We were with his parents, so I didn’t think anything of it when we went. I thought it was really about taking his mom there, though we had never been ourselves.

Couple climbs up the stairs of Grandfather Mountain for their engagement shoot.

North Carolina proposal on Grandfather Mountain.

Rough Ridge Lookout- Grandfather Mountain proposal

Romantic engagement session on Grandfather Mountain.

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