Emily and Paul

How We Met

We were best friends all the way through college. He had a long term girlfriend who was long distance, so we got to hang out a lot with no awkward pressure. Everyone told us we were meant for each other but we just brushed it off. Once we graduated from college we continued to hang out regularly – even though we lived four hours apart. 9 months after we graduated we sat down (while on vacation with his extended family) and had a heart to heart about our relationship and where it was going. I walked away from it knowing that if been fooling myself – he’d had my heart for as long as I’d known him and I wanted a future with him.

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how they asked

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It was a normal Saturday for us. We went to brunch and decided to set the hammock up after. It was a unseasonably warm day but it was still 55 degrees out, so packed a ton of blankets. The only time he acted weird was when he told me it was warm enough to not wear a jacket (the ring was in his pocket and he didn’t want me to feel it!) needless to say he was freezing after hour hammock time! So we went downtown to the circle in Indianapolis for some of our favorite hot chocolate. When we were enjoying our drinks my sister texted me and said she had left her purse at the children’s museum and needed me to go pick it up so she could get the kids home. I said know, but he said yes. So we went. The whole time I was frustrated with her for interupting my date day. When they told us they couldn’t find the purse and suggested we go look ourselves, I thought it was weird but went along. She told me she left it in the planetarium so When we got there, I immediately started looking under the seats. The lights dimmed and a slideshow of us started with my favorite song playing in the background. When it finished a night sky flashed above us – the night sky from the first night we met. We went through several night skies of important dates. The last one was the sky from that night and written in the stars was “Emily, will you marry me?” I looked down and he was on one knee holding a ring box with a light shining on the ring.

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I don’t remember anything but yelling yes over and over, and crying. Afterwards he had all of our close friends and family waiting at my parents house to celebrate.

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