Paul and April's Icelandic Glacier Proposal

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How we met, his story: We both worked for the Commonwealth of Virginia, and the governor invited all state employees to his mansion for a holiday party. He gave everyone a chance to meet him and shake his hand, but you had to stand in a very long line. My friend and I, with whom I was there, decided to walk around the capital for a bit and come back after the line died down. When we came back to the line, it was much shorter, so we got in the back of it. I pointed out a woman standing in line who was absolutely stunning. He looked and realized that he knew her and her two friends from a wedding he went to several months before. We went and stood in line with them, and she and I talked for a bit, but it wasn’t long enough for me to ask for her phone number. So I went away empty handed. But the next day I friend requested her on Facebook and sent her a message asking her out for a drink. To my surprise, she said yes, and the rest was history!

how they asked, her story: Paul and I had planned a visit to Iceland to celebrate 1 year of dating. While making arrangements for our trip, I reached out to my friend Christin for suggestions of things to do. Christin is a landscape photographer and has traveled to Iceland before. Coincidentally, she and her husband were also going to be in Iceland at the same time, and she suggested I pose for a photo shoot in front of the most beautiful glacier in Iceland. I’ve posed for photographer friends before and didn’t think too much of the request. Little did I know that Paul had personally contacted Christin to ask her if she would assist with his proposal. She was thrilled to be a part of the planning and execution, and they both devised a plan on how it would happen.

Fast forward to the day of the “photo shoot”… Christin led us to this amazing secret glacial lagoon she scoped out the day prior and began taking pictures of us.

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She then took a few steps back and said she needed to change her lens. When I turned around Paul had gotten down on one knee and explained that this wasn’t a photo shoot, but it was our engagement. He cried. I cried. It was such a magical moment.

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Photography by Christin Healey