Patty and Danny

How We Met

When I first met Danny, I had just gotten a job at a prestigious law firm in Coral Gables. I was sent on supply runs every so often at the local office supply store nearby where Danny worked. As fate would have it, Danny was the manager on the floor that day. He was so friendly and eager to help. He gave me his number that first day on a business card. At the time, I was in a serious relationship, so he was shot down quickly. Throughout the years, we became good friends. He helped me create my daughters birthday invitations, design my charity campaign flyers, and was my go-to for help whenever I went to the store.

After my relationship fell through, our friendship blossomed. Danny helped me get through rough times and respected my time alone. He was my rock when I needed it and gave me my space when I asked for it. Our relationship always felt easy and full of laughs. Little did I know, I was slowly falling in love with my best friend. And so was my daughter. 

how they asked

Danny and I are big Disney lovers. Every time we go, he always raves about the food in Ohana, at Disney’s Polynesian Resort but it was always booked when we would go. One August day, Danny told me he was able to get us reservations for Valentines Day the following year. So we began to plan our trip 6 months in advance just for the food (or so I thought!).

Valentines morning, I woke up to Danny standing over me with his tablet in hand. We had decided not to exchange gifts since we were going to dinner and Epcot that day. He told me in lieu of buying me a gift, he made one. As I watched pictures of our relationship and clips of us laughing with my daughter, tears ran down my face. The last slide had a black screen and white letters asking me to turn around because he had a question he’d been meaning to ask. I quickly turn around, with tear-filled eyes and when I look at Danny he smiles and asks if I wanted to have breakfast.

It took me a minute to realize that Danny was messing around with me (as he always does). We joked about it as we got ready. Following breakfast was another video with the same last slide and another silly question to follow. The day was filled with 7 different videos displaying various testaments of love, and laughter that we’d shared over the years.

By dinner time, I half suspected this was just a running joke. We arrived at Ohana and had a beautiful view of the castle from our seats. We had a wonderful dinner, and entertainment. To my happy surprise, Danny had one final video for me. As I turned around for the final question, Danny was on one knee and this time, with a ring in his hand.


Our Video

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