Patti and Steve

Image 1 of Patti and SteveOne night, Steve told me that he wanted to make me dinner. I read into it because my Dad was acting a bit strange and Steve hadn’t called me all day so I assumed that with those two factors – something might be up. I didn’t want it to catch me off guard so I got completely ready, packed my camera, and was off to his place.

I really thought he was going to propose, as he made me Hamburger Helper (Cheeseburger flavor) which is my favorite. I started to look for his magic proposal. Then, we went downstairs and he played piano for me (which he does from time to time) and I thought he was SO creative… he was going to write the proposal into a SONG! Nope… that didn’t happen either. Then, after all kinds of what I thought of “opportunities for him to propose” had left – I finally told him that I was embarrassed but I thought he was going to propose! He acted completely surprised and told me he was so sorry, but he needed a bit more time – it was going to happen – but not right now. I told him I was no longer going to look for it. I was just going to enjoy “us”.

Then next day, Steve and I biked to the Living Green Expo at the State Fair on the 7th of May. We had a great time biking across town and spent the day on the Fairgrounds. On our way back, Steve asked if I’d like to stop at the park nearby his house. This was nothing out of the ordinary. After sitting for a bit, Steve started digging in his backpack. He pulled out a little cloth bag. I still had no idea it held a ring because I had a grumbling stomach and was hoping he had packed a snack we could share…

Next, he handed me a small, wooden, cherry-colored box. He asked me to hold it for a moment. He then reached for his pocket and out of it he pulled a small piece of paper with a slight tear on the corner. He had written me a poem. After reading it, he asked me to open the box and he took out the ring. Then, he asked me to marry him. I said, “Of course, I’ll marry you.” It was an incredible moment for the both of us.

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Photos by Karen Feder Photography
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