Patti and Robert

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How We Met

Robert and I met over three years ago and two mutual friends’ wedding. I was the Maid of Honor and he was the self titles “Head Usher”. We quickly hit it off and began dating a few weeks later.

how they asked

Both Robert and I are huge lovers of Christmas time. He knew how much I loved Christmas and since it was our first year with a tree, he thought it’d be nice to have an ornament countdown. For the 24 days leading up to Christmas, I received an ornament every day (sometimes more than one!). He hand picked each ornament. Some he even had specially made with pictures on them. Pictures of our first Christmas, pictures of my parents and other family member, and even pictures with friends. He made sure each one was unique and was something that I loved. On Christmas morning, he told me I could have my last ornament after we opened gifts. He went to our bedroom and came bag with the last one in a bag. He handed it to me and I opened a beautiful ornament that said “Will You Marry Me?” I immediately started to cry and when I looked up he was on one knee. I was so happy and just kept repeating “Are you serious?” “Is this real?!”. We later were able to celebrate not only Christmas, but our engagement with our family and friends throughout the day. Christmas will now always be extra special to us. This picture is the picture we took after to send to our family and friends.