Patsy and Wilfredo

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Clifton, NJ

How We Met

Wil and I first met back in 2006 in high school and to say the least our brief introduction was nothing but a simple hello and goodbye. He never came into mind afterward until I came across his MySpace page. So as curious as I can be I sent him a request and kid you not, he accepted in a matter of seconds. Even though we were connected online in some way we never interacted with each other until, to my surprise, our Sophmore year Spanish homeroom class would be the place where we acknowledged each other. We didn’t speak at first but eventually, we did because he laughed at something I said and I thought well I guess I need someone to accompany me to my geometry class and hear my jokes.

We talked a lot whether it was through AIM or in person but on that Tuesday, December 18, 2007, he asked me if I would go out with him and all I asked was “why?” Till this day we laugh about that day because of my response and his reaction. He was so embarrassed. I tried avoiding him the whole day because I didn’t know if I wanted to move this really nice friendship between us to something more. I asked him to call me and so he did and I said: “ so that question… yeah”. His reaction to my answer is engraved in my memories because he sounded so happy on the other end of the line. Soon after we had our moments of ok now we are in a relationship and what do we do but everything just fell into place. Here is a picture of us, our senior year of high school where we were voted the class couple of 2010. We didn’t know what was going to happen after high school but we just knew how happy we both felt with each other’s company and how much love we had for one another.

How They Asked

We were going to be celebrating our 11 year anniversary and to my luck, I was sick with the flu. On that same day, I was planning on going to my company’s holiday party and then meet up with him for dinner. I was already not feeling well but I was determined to try my best and at least go out and spend some time with him. In the meantime, I was at work feeling awful and I tell one of my coworker friends that I was going to skip the holiday party because I really wasn’t feeling well. She looked worried but I didn’t know why so soon enough Wil calls me at work. It was a bit unusual so I picked up and he just wanted to make sure if I was still ok to go out that night. I didn’t really know why he was so worried whether I could make it or not but I made him a promise and I wanted to stick it out for him. He was very happy, to say the least, to hear me say yes our plans won’t change. I get home and I go straight to my room lying in bed coughing like a madman, ready to call it a night. Wil gets to my house and I didn’t want to cancel his plans and I just went with whatever he had planned.

Where to Propose in Clifton, NJ

All he said was to be ready by 8 pm and so I get up, put my coat, pack up my Kleenex and cough drops and I’m ready to go. Wil then looks at me strange, and says “ you don’t need a jacket.” I got confused. I’m like it’s really, friggen, cold outside and I’m sick what are you talking about? He told me there was a surprise downstairs. I was still confused and said to myself downstairs? He asked me to close my eyes and to trust him and just follow. We get downstairs and all I feel is my body hitting against these things that were hanging. He tells me to wait and then to open my eyes.

I see him down on one knee, Christmas lights and our photos throughout our years spent together hanging off the ceiling on handmade snowflakes and he just said my name and asked: “will you marry me?” I stood quiet and felt time just stop. I just stared at him, the person I was celebrating 11 years that day and about to spend even more years with someone so special. I ugly cried and of course said yes! But I also asked, “Are you serious?” Lol! At that moment I thought about how long we’ve waited for this moment for the both of us to finally happen and when I realized all the people that were there to witness this moment between us felt even more special.

All he wanted was to ask me to marry him and propose at home where we’ve spent so many moments together. A proposal so simple yet full of love and joy. Not one dried eye was there in that room because like myself they were waiting for Wil to finally propose! We are all currently in a bliss moment Lol!!!