Patsy and Steven

How We Met

We met as many people do now-a-days, the wonderful world wide web haha! Online dating website? Really? I know, I know, but hey! It worked! We starting talking, exchanging emails back and forth and eventually got each others phone number and starting talking on the phone and texting back and forth. We both agreed to start out as friends and let the relationship progress naturally with no expectations of one another. What started as a friendship grew into more over the course of about a month. We got along so well and the chemistry was undeniable. After that we were inseparable and have been together ever since!

how they asked

So…funny story…Steven and I had been looking at ring for a couple months prior to him actually buying my engagement ring. I had found several that I loved on Etsy and had saved them to my favorites. Steven asked me if he could sign into my account to “look at them” mhmm, because THAT’S not suspicious haha! We are laying in bed one night watching a movie and Steven is messing around on his phone. He puts it down after a couple minutes and about 30 seconds later we both get the exact same notification on our phones, “DING!” I thought “Well that’s odd”…hI look over at Steven and you can see that’s he’s thinking in his head “Wait, how did that happen?” and then it hits him…..he forgot to sign out of my Etsy account before ordering my ring…and I just got notified of it on my phone! Haha! We both kinda laughed it off and I couldn’t help but smile. Fast forward about a month and it’s Easter Sunday. All of our families are there, kids are running around hunting easter eggs, eating good food, and visiting with family. After the big easter egg hunt Steven hands me an easter egg and says “I got you an easter egg babe!” I looked up to see everyone gathered around phones out at teary eyed. I kinda put two and two together haha Steven got down on one knee and simply said “I love you, will you marry me?” I was crying so hard I couldn’t even say yes haha I just nodded my head up and down feveriously and just like that, we were engaged! One of the best days of my life.

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