Patriots Fan Proposal

Justin and I met the fall of ’99. A girlfriend and I were going to a dorm party at the local university. My girlfriend wanted to “call dibs” on one of the guys at the party, but by the end of the night it was Justin and I who swapped our info.

Our dating history was on and off over the years but deep down I always knew we were meant to be together. At times, we needed our space to grow and experience the world, but somehow every 6 months or so something would come up, we’d reconnect for a bit then go off in our own directions. This last reconnect we knew we couldn’t miss out on another chance to pass us by.

We started fresh and after a year we bought a house together. To celebrate, we organized a housewarming party with all our closest friends and family. Justin said he wanted to have a toast to thank everyone, and I went along with it to thank everyone for supporting us on our long journey to where we are now.

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When he stopped at the end of his speech saying ” we couldn’t ask for anything better… oh wait” then he got down on one knee in front of everyone and asked “Will you marry me?”

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I was so surprised, I couldn’t speak. I nodded and held out my hand. When someone from the crowd say “You have to say it!” I yell out “YES!”

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As die-hard Patriots fans, it is only fitting that the game is on in the background and Justin is wearing his favorite jersey.

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Photos by Jessica Connery Photography