Patrina and Charlie

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How We Met

We met in high school choir and we’re friends all the way through college. He taught me how to bake apple pie, eat sushi, and helped me build my family’s slip & slide. While studying abroad we ran into each other on the street corner in London. After college, my acting career took off on a national tour. We reconnected after over a year apart on the night before Thanksgiving (a big reunion night at our hometown’s local bar) and that’s when he started looking at me differently.

I was pretty oblivious that he was interested in me until my dad kept asking why Charlie was hanging around so much. I finally realized I was in love with him on New Years Eve when I asked him to run from one party on the lower west to my party on the upper east side with only 20 minutes to spare! He made it and that kiss at midnight on January 1, 2013 turned in the most incredible relationship I could ever imagine.

how they asked

We signed a two year lease on a new apartment in NYC and were so excited to paint and make it our own. Charlie got a head start and when I came to join him I walked in and saw “Patrina, will you marry me?” written on the wall. I froze in the doorway (totally shocked) and he lead me by the waste further into our new home. Then he came up behind me and said “This is where we are going to start our life together so I want to start that life together now”. I immediately started crying and he got down on one knee and said “will you marry me”.

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I was so overwhelmed and filled with love I just wanted to take in every second of this amazing moment until I hear him say, “You haven’t answered yet!”. I nodded and sobbed “yes, yes, of course!”. The ring fit perfectly and I embraced my fiancé!

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After more tears, hugs, kisses and a bottle of champagne I finally got around to painting “Yes” besides it.

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I think we now have the most romantic living room wall in the neighborhood.

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Everyone says “I’m marrying my best friend”, but Charlie has been mine for over a decade. I cannot believe this is real life!

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Image 7 of Patrina and Charlie

I’m the luckiest woman in the world!

Special Thanks

Kristen Caruana
 | Photographer